You can transcend your self-doubt

Self-doubt shows up as perfectionism, procrastination, hiding, over-delivering, downplaying your achievements, people pleasing, constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling like an imposter.

But self-doubt has absolutely nothing to do with your capability or your destiny.

If you are fed up with self-doubt holding you back, I can help.

I’m a self-doubt researcher, coach, and host of the Courage + Spice podcast. I also mentor coaches and other brave-hearted business owners.

I’ve helped hundreds of people to unhook themselves from self-doubt and cultivate a quietly resilient and richly sustainable self-belief.

Uncover your Self-doubt Archetype!

“Throughout my years spent on self-awareness and development, I have completed soooo many quizzes and none have ever hit home in the way this did! It was a real OH SHIT moment. I found it so insightful, I’ve been telling my friends and whoever will listen to do this!” – Carly

Making peace with Self-doubt is healing, liberating work that is absolutely possible for you.

You’ve probably heard that to get over self-doubt, you need more willpower, a strategy to conquer your inner-critic, the right mindset hack or these five easy steps to stop procrastinating.

Let me save you a tonne of time and energy and a squillion pages of research findings: these tactics don’t work (for long).

Instead, let’s do the courageous and compassionate work of exploring our inner-geography and the space we occupy in the world.

Because self-doubt is personal and political.

Self-doubt has a profound role in protecting you from psychological risk; the unique and subjective root causes of your self-doubt provide the precise ingredients for your healing.

And we can’t talk about self-doubt without shining a light on entrenched cultural narratives that seek to exploit our insecurities for profit (because sometimes our self-doubt has nothing to do with us).

I can help you cultivate tangible and robust self-belief, self-acceptance, self-trust and self-worth (the best kind of selfies).

This is how we come home to ourselves.

Coaching mastery + evidence-based research + deep compassion =

a revolutionary approach



If self-doubt is holding you back in your relationships, career, creativity or your business, Courage + Spice is especially for you. You’ll find inspiring conversations about all things self-doubt – including real-life stories and research-led approaches to help you navigate through it. Enjoy!

I RESEARCH, write, podcast, lead online programmes & in-person gatherings to help you make sense of your self-doubt and cultivate lasting self-belieF.

Kind Words

What folks are saying

“Working with Sas is like a having a wise sage, a best friend and a skilled therapist on speed dial. Time and again Sas has helped me see a fresh perspective on issues and struggles and my self belief has flourished. If I could, I’d carry Sas around in my handbag at all times. In lieu of that option, I have her wisdom and the great gains from our work together to carry with me always.” Sara Tasker, @meandorla

“As a result of working with Sas and Hilary, there is an increased trust within the team, we are individually and collectively better able to function as coaches within our organisation, and we are increasingly engaging leaders and managers in the benefits of coaching conversations for them and their teams.”
Jamie Ward, Global Head of Organisational Development, BBC Worldwide

“As a new coach, Sas helped me to make progress in launching my new business by lovingly rescuing me from the evil web of perfection in which I was trapped. Sas gave me permission to fully be me – messy, confused, frustrated, excited – and welcomed every bit to the table. Coaches – do not hesitate to invest in Fire Monkeys – the return on investment is better than you can imagine!”
Jill Tyler, Healthy Relationships Coach