Become a Self-belief Coach!

You are already a committed and thoughtful coach, serving clients in your practice.

But you didn’t come here to ‘just’ be a coach.
You started your business to change lives.

The most successful coaches are life-long learners and continue to invest in their growth.

And while the online world is telling you that marketing is the key ingredient that will make you successful,
you and I both know it’s your coaching mastery that will enable you to stand out.


The Self-belief Coaching Academy:

evidence-based research +
Trauma-informed coaching +
deeply compassionate presence
= a revolutionary approach to self-doubt

Help your coaching clients transcend their self-doubt.
Transform your coaching practice, transform your business, transform yourself.

Consider this a direct path to your coaching mastery!

Whatever your coaching speciality, you’ve probably found that mainstream coaching approaches just aren’t enough to help your clients truly transcend their self-doubt.

This is because a lot of thinking about self-doubt tends to resort to positive thinking tactics and ‘life hacks’.

While these may offer temporary respite, we miss the opportunity to help our clients deeply understand and heal the root causes of their self-doubt.

The Self-belief Coaching Academy empowers coaches with proven tools, deep knowledge and evidence-based approaches to make transformative change in client’s lives.
If you want to offer tried and tested resources to your clients, if you’re devoted to your own learning, if you aren’t a quick fix coach: I made this for you.

The Self-belief Coaching academy Certification Programme is:

Evidence-based and research-led – my work is rooted in adult developmental psychology; a fascinating and practical body of work that helps us to understand what it means to be human. The SBCA programme has a theoretical foundation that will help you understand how to identify the developmental stage of your client, how to support them effectively, and how to provide the depth of coaching that has the potential to transform how they see themselves, their lives and the world.
Packed with original tools and approaches – after completing my Masters dissertation in self-doubt, I began to test my research findings in my coaching practice. Over the last decade, I’ve incorporated and adapted what works, and developed my own tools and approaches that have now been proven with hundreds of clients. The SBCA programme is a robust methodology that will equip you to serve your clients at the highest level.
Intended to help you transcend your self-doubt –  SBCA students have described the programme as ‘horrible and amazing’. Your learning will illuminate your experience of self-doubt – this is so you can understand and make some peace with it. You should also expect to unearth your true nature and embody your unique gifts as a practitioner. And this is where your coaching gets really powerful – not only are you going to benefit from the content of the Programme, but from how this changes what you believe is possible for you as a coach. 
Trauma-informed – because the root causes of self-doubt are often born in childhood (and it’s a myth that coaches never talk about the past), we will occasionally meet our client’s trauma. Having an understanding of what trauma is, how it presents for clients and how to respond within coaching boundaries sensitively and with impact, will elevate your coaching presence. Throughout the SBCA Programme we will look at how to create the conditions for transformation without working directly with the traumatised self. There will be NO trauma-hacking here.
Rooted in experiential practice – the training wheels will be off! You will be working directly with self-doubting humans throughout the Programme (please see FAQs below). This means you will have real, live practice that creates all the raw material for your own skill development. You’ll be fully supported so that by the end of the programme, you will be completely ready to implement your learning directly with your current and future clients.
receive the depth of knowledge and the self-belief to make transformative change in your client’s lives AND IN YOUR COACHING PRACTICE, IN A WAY YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE.


Kind Words:



SBCA has grown both my confidence as a coach and my knowledge of coaching.

I really loved that deepening my knowledge has left me feeling more confident in my ability to keep my clients safe in our work together.

It’s also been at the heart of some really important personal growth for me over the last few months.


Ray Dodd

Money Coach


This is one of the best investment you can make for your coaching mastery and practice.

Sas is the most natural, compassionate and inspiring teacher and the material literally blew my mind in its depth and just how much is covered in the course.

Deepening my understanding and relationship with my own self-doubt has been amazing too.

Marie Kenny

Creative Coach


Just bloody do it, everyone needs this stuff!

Knowing and trusting Sas I really wanted to deepen my skills and tools. I love the fact that the programme is trauma-informed!

The experiential element has been so valuable, our practice pod has helped me grow as a coach and as a person.

The curriculum is also amazing. I love it all tbh.

Esme Filsinger

Self-belief Business Coach

  • Already work as a coach, mentor, counsellor or therapist where self-doubt is impacting your clients.
  • Want to help your clients understand and heal the root causes of their perfectionism, over-thinking, under-feeling, self-criticism, procrastination, people-pleasing, feeling like an imposter, constantly proving themselves or an inability to take action towards their stated goals (yep – all symptoms of self-doubt).
  • Are comfortable with complexity, uncertainty, and the full spectrum of emotions as they present in yourself, your fellow classmates and your clients.
  •  Recognise the importance of understanding how trauma can present for clients, how to respond within the boundaries of the coaching relationship, and our responsibility as practitioners in attending to our own hurts, traumas and growth edges.
  • Are willing to show up: fully present on calls, ready to be coached, to engage with any vulnerability around your own self-doubt and your experiences as a gloriously imperfect learner. 
  • Recognise that you are accountable for your own development (you’ll have additional sources of support for your well-being – eg: coaching, supervision, therapy).
  • Believe, as I do, that self-doubt is both a personal and political experience and that as coaches we cannot ignore the unchecked cultural narratives that seek to exploit our insecurities for profit, and maintain systems of power that oppress the most marginalised. 
This is an experiential learning programme.
it’s not an online course you can digest passively.

Each module is delivered by pre-recorded video lessons and a comprehensive workbook, combined with LIVE group teaching calls where we’ll go through the concepts together.

there are additional practice sessions where you will be actively coaching in a brave, supportive small group.


Kind Words:



When I first looked at this programme, I instantly felt it was THE ONE and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

SBCA is comprehensive, brilliantly balanced between theory and practical application, and is already enriching my established practice no end.

The practice pod has been of huge value, and the weekly calls have also been a highlight in my week. Sas leaves me feeling utterly secure, as she attracts people with real integrity.

Keri Jarvis

Audacity Coach


The pace, the structure, the triple-loop learning approach, it all felt so flowing and organic with space for reflection and growth. I’ve loved it!

I will keep looping through the learning long after the course itself is finished and I continue coaching with everything we’ve learned.

Digging into the learning with Sas and a group of passionate coaches has been so nourishing and affirming. I’ve found the pathway to growth and mastery and lifelong learning.

Our coaching pod has been beautiful. I so loved sitting with these awesome women, picking over stuff, sharing our thoughts and figuring it all out together: just so good.

I knew the learning would be unrivalled and was anticipating that, but I hadn’t anticipated the joy of being part of a such a collective. What a balm for a self-employed person!

Lisa Mabberley

Mother Nurture Mother Wild


This is a framework that is useful no matter what your niche is and no matter where you are in your coaching practice – it’s a true masterclass.

Self -doubt comes up a lot in the work I do with folks on Body Trust and I wanted to grow my skills.

I have loved geeking out on the foundational research but I have most enjoyed having practical tools to use and practice in my practice pod – the relationships I have formed there have been really wonderful.

This is a really special invitation into Sas’ body of work that is heartfelt, trauma-informed, and evidenced-based – such a magical combination.

Nicola Haggett

Body Trust Coach

Self-doubt is the cork in the bottle of so much untapped human potential. This is a robust coaching framework to help Your clients CULTIVATE self-worth, self-belief, self-acceptance and self-trust so they can become who they were always meant to be.

key principles of the Self-belief Coaching Methodology:

The Self-belief Coaching Academy Curriculum:
What is Self-doubt?
  • Understand the core purpose of self-doubt, its subjective and personal nature, and how you can incorporate this work into your specific flavour of coaching.
  • Learn the unconscious drivers of self-doubt, and how to identify them elegantly with your clients.
  • Dive into the misconceptions of self-doubt and how you can transform your coaching practice from this information alone (for example: why self sabotage is NOT a thing!)
Self-doubt and Developmental Psychology
  • Discover the ‘meta-model’ of adulthood; how our sense of self is formed, reformed and transformed and how this helps us to navigate self-doubt.
  • Understand how to coach with ‘multiplicity of selves’ and how to create a sense of psychological spaciousness for your clients sense of self.
  • Learn how to identify, make sense of and coach effectively with all of your clients at any developmental stage.
Trauma-informed Coaching
  • Learn a psychotherapuetic model of trauma that can help you and your client identify what is asking for our attention.
  • Understand how to speak to what is happening in the ‘here and now’ for your client and how this may be connected to the ‘there and then’ of past trauma.
  • Learn how to coach sensitively, without entanglement, within boundaries and without working directly with the traumatised self.
Coaching the root causes of Self-doubt
  • Discover the origin stories of the Big Seven Risks and how these feed into your clients self-doubt.
  • Learn how to ellicit the biography of your clients (often unconscious) protective beliefs.
  • Practice making space for your client to sit with ‘risk resistance’ to see exactly how their beliefs are working as intended.
Coaching your clients self-doubt story
  • Learn an elegant process for helping your client identify narratives that are memory, those that have been given to them by others, and what they have told themselves.
  • Understand how meaning-making presents, at different developmental stages.
  • Discover how to change the underlying meaning of beliefs so your client feels empowered to take positive action.
Coaching The Protector
  • Dive into the purpose and common misconceptions of the ‘inner-critic’ including it’s relationship with trauma.
  • Learn how to bring creative curiosity to characterise and personalise your clients self-doubt as The Protector.
  • Discover how to evolve The Protector into a trusted advisor in order to develop a sense of internalised psychological safety.
Your Self-doubt
  • Discover how to recognise when you are experiencing self-doubt and how to coach yourself (as well as exploring the limits of self-coaching – yep we need each other!).
  • How to tend to your vulnerabilities with compassion.
  • What to do when you are activated by client stories and traumas, how to remain un-entangled.
Coaching with conflict
  • Dive into the impact of conflict as a primary risk at the core of  protective beliefs.
  • Learn helpful somatic practices that help regulate your clients nervous system and emotional experience.
  • Learn original tools to help your clients feel resourced in the midst of judgement, criticism and confrontation.
Coaching with Clients Inner-Compass
  • Learn how to help your client identify their ‘True Nature’ who they are underneath self-doubt.
  • Discover how to help client feel resourced in Self-belief, Self-acceptance, Self-worth and Self-trust through compassionate enquiry.
  • Explore the concept of your clients ‘True Nature’ as it relates to creating a values-led life, cultivating meaning and fullfilment.
Coaching with clients dreams and goals
  • Learn a model of change that supports your coaching work and offers a trajectory for how you can work with clients over time.
  • Dive into Courage-based Planning: understand how to support your clients to take consistent, imperfect action based on how much courage they feel.
  • Learn how to prepare for and coach your clients through obstacles and setbacks, as well as flare-ups of self-doubt and uncertainty.


Please note: the prices shown are early-bird and £500 off the usual programme cost.
Click 'I'm in!' on the plan that suits you and complete your payment details.

Once confirmed, you will receive an email (to the address you used to pay) with a link to our learning site.

If you experience any technology weirdness, please click here to send an email and we’ll get right back to you.

Full Terms & Conditions are detailed in the SBCA Student Agreement.

Please invest with intention as no refunds will be given.

13th April 2021: Opening Circle
20th April 2021: Module 1 – What is self-doubt?
27th April 2021: Module 2 – Self-doubt and Developmental Psychology
4th May 2021: Module 3 – Trauma-informed coaching
11th May 2021: Integration Week
18th May 20210: Module 4 – Coaching with the root causes of Self-doubt
25th May 2021: Module 4 – Coaching with the root causes of Self-doubt
1st June 2021: Module 5 – Coaching with the client’s Self-doubt story
8th June 2021: Module 5 – Coaching with the client’s Self-doubt story
15th June 2021: Module 6 – Coaching with The Protector
22nd June 2021: Module 6 – Coaching with The Protector
29th June 2021: Integration Week
6th July 2021: Module 7 – The Coach’s Self-doubt
13th July 2021: Module 7 – The Coach’s Self-doubt
20th July 2021: Module 8 – Coaching with Conflict
27th July 2021: Module 8 – Coaching with Conflict
3rd August 2021: Integration Week
10th August 2021: Module 9 – Coaching with the Client’s Compass
17th August 2021: Module 9 – Coaching with the Client’s Compass
24th August 2021: Module 10 – Coaching with the Client’s dreams and goals
24th August 2021:Module 10 – Coaching with the Client’s dreams and goals
7th September 2021: Certification Workshop
14th September 2021: Closing Circle
Please note that all classes will be offered at 8am, 11am and 5pm (British time) on the dates noted. You can come to any class that suits you best. Please use this simple time zone converter to see how these times work for you.
The Self-belief Coaching Academy programme is a proven and original approach to self-doubt – honed, refined and tested with hundreds of real-life clients. However, this is not just about adding techniques to your coaching toolbox (although you absolutely will do this).

You’ll have lifetime access to the programme materials and your certification does not need to be renewed.

PLUS! As a hand-selected coach, fluent in my methodology, I want to refer clients to you.

The Self-belief Coach Certification Programme is designed to be integrated into your existing life and work.

Expect to dedicate between 3-5 hours per week to the programme. We’ll meet once a week for a 60-minute group call. You’ll also meet with your Practice Pod each week to play with the materials and to coach your classmates in a fun and supportive way.

There are also pre-recorded video lessons and written notes to accompany our calls.

You’ll have access to all programme content forever.

Certification will include class attendance, evidence of 20 hours of client practice, and a self-reflection essay or presentation.

This is not a pass/fail ‘test’! It’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter for your own developmental benefit. Research shows us that assessment can be a key aspect of defeating that icky ‘imposter’ feeling. You’ll have evidential experience of having met the standard required.

You’ll be fully supported to certify. Following the end of the programme, you will have 6 months to complete the requirements for certification and you won’t have to renew this credential.

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) accreditation with the International Coach Federation is pending.

Should this be granted during or after the programme has completed, this accreditation can be applied retrospectively.

You’ll receive your official Self-belief Certified Coach Diploma (shipped to you) plus a digital marketing package with logos so you can share your new certification.
All Certified Self-belief Coaches will be invited to be part of the Self-belief School opening in October 2021, where I’ll pay you to coach with beloved muggles through their self-doubt (coaching without all the marketing malarky anyone?).



The fundamentally unique, utterly one-offness of you, is deeply valued here. Your needs, goals, values, personal history and perspectives will add to the learning experience of every one of us.

Please be assured there is a seat at this table and all of you is welcome – including your age, nationality, gender identity, religious traditions, physical ability, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, body size, neurodiversity, visible and invisible disability, race identity and your choice of pronouns. 

I am continually learning about the relationship between the systems of oppression we are all swimming in and our own personal experiences of self-doubt. I actively seek to create spaces – both in-person and online – that are inclusive and brave. This means you can rely on me to hold this group with collective boundaries and individual accountability.


I’m certain you and I have a lot in common – that after learning the foundations of coaching, you just knew this is how you are destined to contribute to humanity. And I bet you’ve decided you are not going to settle for anything less than being the best coach you can be.

Me too!

Coaching felt like coming home to me, and I decided immediately that I was ALL IN. Over the years I have devoted myself to this work;  continually investing in my own learning and spending thousands of hours coaching humans with self-doubt.

I’ve deeply researched and refined my specialism in self-doubt and today I have a booked-solid practice with a coaching wait list of over 300 people.
The truth is, this has not come through great marketing (because honestly, marketing has never been my sweet spot so I’ve never focussed my energy there). This has all come from a commitment to the art of coaching.

To stand out in this overcrowded market and create a thriving business, I believe that exceptional coaching IS your secret weapon.

The greatest success I have seen in my own practice and in the dozens of coaches I’ve mentored and supervised, has come from their ability to help their clients make the transformation they signed up for.

This creates the ingredients for clients who want to keep working with you, who will happily refer their friends, colleagues (and Instagram followers!)  to you.

Your coaching prowess is the sustainable foundation of your booked-out practice.
For almost a decade, I have coached hundreds of people around their self-doubt. I regularly sell out private coaching, group programmes, retreats and workshops.

What I know to be true is that there is a huge need for this work and we need specialist knowledge and tools to do this effectively.

My commitment is to equip you with effective approaches, deep knowledge and an evidence-based foundation so you can support your beloved clients at the highest level, to navigate through their self-doubt.

I have a Masters degree in Coaching and my dissertation was a deep study of the experience of self-doubt. Both my research and approach to coaching are rooted in developmental psychology.

After completing my thesis, I began applying the research in my work. I have spent years developing and refining a body of work into a solid coaching methodology.

And now I want to teach this to you, so you are able to take this model and create powerful change for your clients, in your own practice.

This is a proven and original approach to self-doubt honed, refined and tested with hundreds of real-life clients.

I am constantly delighted by the potential that’s unleashed when clients find out who they are underneath their protective self-doubt. But helping people to cultivate robust self-belief doesn’t happen by chance.

It’s my absolute pleasure to support your coaching mastery!
Kind Words:



This program gives wings to everything you already know about coaching!

Every week there has been a highlight that has thickened my understanding and compassion for my self-doubt. No more poking around hoping to see what works.

Learning through our coaching practice pod has been genius!

You can trust that SBCA makes all your existing tools work better and from a deeper foundation.

Liz Kiefer

Relationship + Empowerment Coach


SBCA has been transformational for my coaching but also for me personally.

The way the programme has enabled me to rethink my own experience of self-doubt and self-belief has been truly life-changing.

I’ve really enjoyed the weekly calls and its been brilliant exploring the materials, forming new relationships and exploring my coaching within the practice pod.

I really believe it’s at the root of all the things – I feel like it’s an absolutely crucial thing to explore and unpick as part of a client’s coaching journey.

Eleanor Kirkham

Reclaiming Motherhood Coach


SBCA has challenged and stretched me in deeply wonderful (and at times uncomfortable) ways.

I’ve flirted with the idea of training as a coach for so long – I even had a call with a training site in London which sounded so dull! Then the next week I learned about SBCA, magical timing gave me enough time to sort out finances to make it work.

The programme has been developmental rather than just taking on skills and information and the highlight has been my practice pod, and the wider community – I can’t understand how I was living in the world without these incredible women!

Julia Goodall

Family Psychologist and Coach


Please note: the prices shown are early-bird and £500 off the usual programme cost.
Click 'I'm in!' on the plan that suits you and complete your payment details.

Once confirmed, you will receive an email (to the address you used to pay) with a link to our learning site.

If you experience any technology weirdness, please click here to send an email and we’ll get right back to you.

Full Terms & Conditions are detailed in the SBCA Student Agreement.

Please invest with intention as no refunds will be given.

Questions you might have…
I have LOADS of Self-doubt, can I be a Self-belief Coach?
Absolutely! Self-doubt is a totally understandable response to psychological risk. It has nothing to do with your capability or your destiny.

It is also worth noting that in learning this methodology, you are highly likely to face your own self-doubt.

One of the principles of the programme is ‘Triple-loop Learning’ – you learn the content (loop one), you learn about how to apply and integrate the content into your practice (loop two) and you learn about what is possible as you allow yourself to be changed by what you are learning (loop three).

This is where your coaching gets really powerful – not only are you going to benefit from learning this methodology, but from how this changes what you believe is possible for you as a brilliant, thoughtful coach.

How is the Self-belief Coaching Academy approach to self-doubt 'revolutionary'?
The Self-belief Coaching Academy is rooted in an evidence-based framework based on Sas Petherick’s original research into the experience of self-doubt.

This framework is not about overcoming or avoiding self-doubt, instead, we create the conditions for our clients to courageously face their self-doubt.

We believe self-doubt is an entirely understandable response to psychological risk. It has nothing to do with capability or destiny and everything to do with the ways we have learned to preserve our sense of safety and belonging.

Self-belief Coaches don’t focus on our client’s experience of the symptoms of self-doubt (we call these the Six P’s: procrastinating, perfectionism, proving yourself, paralysis, passive behaviours and people-pleasing). Instead, we facilitate an exploration into the narrative threads of each client’s unique story in order to understand how these have been woven into the patterns and themes of their lives.

By working with a Self-belief Coach, our clients are able to access their inner wisdom, to discover who they are underneath self-doubt.

We are interested in helping our clients to:

  • heal the root causes of their self-doubt.
  • feel resourced to respond in healthy ways, when self-doubt is activated.
  • own their innate strengths and gifts.
  • cultivate self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust.
  • be braver and ultimately, to live in a way that brings more fulfilment and meaning.
What does certification involve?
The Certification process is designed to give you the opportunity to become comfortable and confident as a Self-belief Coach.

Certification includes evidence of 20 hours of client practice (dated from after the programme commences – these do not have to be paying clients) and a self-reflection essay or presentation (you can choose).

This is not a pass/fail ‘test’ – it’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter for your own developmental benefit. Research shows us that assessment can be a key aspect of defeating that icky ‘imposter’ feeling. You’ll have evidential experience of having met the standard required.

Following the end of the programme, you will have 6 months to complete your assessment for certification. Your certification does not have to be renewed.

i have no formal coach training, is this right for me?
This programme is designed for practitioners (coaches, mentors, therapists and counsellors) who are already working with clients. If you have experience of coaching with people and/or training that is complementary to coaching, it’s likely that this will be a good fit for you.

However, we won’t be attending to any foundational coaching skills. This means that if you have had no training or experience of working with people, you may find the programme content too ‘stretchy’.

If you’d like to talk to Sas about your individual circumstances, please get in touch to book a 20-minute chat.

I can't make the live calls, does this matter?
The SBCA Programme is designed as an experiential learning process – not a course you can digest passively. You will get the most from the programme by committing to the time and energy this requires. Because, what might be possible if you go ALL IN?

Attendance at group calls is expected and necessary for Certification. However, missing a few classes due to unforeseen circumstances is inevitable – if you make arrangements to conscientiously do the work outside of class, you will be well prepared for certification.

Can I talk to Sas before I sign up?
Of course! Please get in touch to book a 20-minute chat.

Choosing to invest in the Self-belief Coaching Academy means you accept and agree that you are responsible for how you engage with the programme and all programme materials.
Full Terms and Conditions are detailed in the SBCA Student Agreement.

Please be thoughtful when choosing to invest as no refunds are given.