there may be quite literally, no time left to wait

21st September 2019

I’m spending today at a Castle in Devon, with over a hundred Creative business owners.

Speaking about my work to a large group is not my favourite. My preference is always for intimate spaces conducive to real connection – I like to see faces, to sense if my words are landing, to feel into the pace, the depth.

But when Helen Bottrill calls and asks you to be part of Creatival, its quite hard to say no 🙂

And over the summer I’ve been thinking about The Terrible State of Things. Brexit, Climate Emergency and increasing tensions between the US and Iran all make me anxious, powerless, scared.

The only way I know how to respond to any of it is to not waste time waiting to feel ready.

I want to gather with thoughtful humans and raise the flag for courage, self-belief and a metric-tonne of imperfect action, because bloody hell we can’t make anything worse.

Over the last few months, I have felt so moved and inspired by Greta Thunberg, Jess Phillips, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The women who don’t keep quiet. Who stand for something and share their hope and their rage. I want to be on that team.

So I’ll put on a frock, breathe deep, root down and say a short prayer that my words are helpful. And trust that this is enough.

If you’ve been contemplating working with me, please know there are only 10 places left in the Autumn Class of Your Self-belief Map.

  • During this small group coaching programme, we’ll uncover and heal the root causes of your self-doubt.
  • You’ll access internal resources, evidence-based approaches and proven, fun ways to cultivate robust self-belief.
  • We begin on the 1st of October – don’t dilly dally!



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