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7th January 2008

A hat tip to a fellow slightly obsessive list maker special k as Tuesday’s become the outlet for my listy mania. As befits this time of year, the first will be an indication of what lies ahead in 08. And I can’t be arsed with the drink less, go to the gym, fun police blah bah give up anything and everything that makes me happy and well… me. Instead, here are the things that would make my life better, bigger, more 5-baby-rabbits-in-my-belly excited about being ON THIS PLANET. So (in no particular order) during the next 365 days I will:

  • Cook more for the people I love (expect immediate invites to #54 for foody goodness)
  • Worry less about the future
  • Start taking the vitamins I bought a month (or so) ago
  • Explore this place with my new favourite toy
  • Write in my journal more
  • Finish round the bays in under an hour with TP 😉
  • Be more impatient and stroppy
  • Re-read Mrs Dalloway
  • Read more
  • Hang out with George
  • Magically transform the dirt pile into garden paradise of which Maggie Barry would be proud
  • Get over to bris vegas to see the whanau again
  • Save for my US road-trip (circa ’09)
  • Engage in vodka-induced highjinks with the girls
  • Take more chances on things I can’t control
  • BBQ my heart out
  • Hang out with Noshy in tour guide like fashion
  • Believe that I am enough
  • Believe that when someone says I am beautiful they mean it (phew that one was even hard to write)
  • Spend more time with the Magnificent 7
  • Make reiki more of a priority
  • Go to Sydney and Melbourne and catch up with my surrogate London ANZAC family
  • See more movies, more lives bands, more of home
  • Reduce the size of my bum (by resorting to clever ‘hidey’ pants or surgery if necessary 🙂
  • Laugh as much or more as I have this year
  • Rock up to Prue’s house with several bottles of Lindauer for a long night of talking about Mum and life and all the important stuff
  • Laugh, cry, hug, get drunk with and hang out with Lisa
  • Stop making excuses for other peoples behaviour
  • Stop making other people happy by denying myself what I want
  • Find love and be honest and real and myself and not scared of all the crappy stuff that could (but might not) happen
  • Dance on a few more tables 😉



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