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15th November 2019

Perhaps it’s living away from our home for the last six months, the still unfinished state of our beloved Old Lady House. Or maybe its the preparation for next years changes in how I offer my work. And I can’t discount the potential impact of beginning Couchto5km.

But everything feels a bit limbo-ey right now. I’m in the in-between in so many places in my life. I’ve not quite left the old behind, and the new is not here yet. I’m in the liminal space.

Perhaps you can relate?

It’s definitely not my favourite.

The thing about liminal spaces is that they can’t be hurried. Most things happen in their own sweet time (perhaps that’s why we are all so addicted to instant fixes? That sounds pretty good right about now!)

Some of the things I am doing to take care of myself in the liminal space:

  1. Allow myself to imagine, dream and scheme where I’m going. Feeling my way there is so much more gentle than my tendency to want to control (especially when I am stressed).
  2. Slow and steady steps. Every small measure of house progress counts. Every ‘run’ counts, every time I decide to keep showing up even when there are disappointments and misunderstandings, counts.
  3. Accept setbacks. Over the summer I changed the subscription service I use to send these emails to you. Learning how to use this new platform, combined with actively marketing my last coaching programme meant over 700 people have unsubscribed in the last couple of months. Which is a total bummer. But also part of the process.
  4. Ask for help. This is the hardest. Particularly for us deeply self-reliant types. I’ve found it feels safer to ask for help from people who have it to give. Also being really specific about what you need, really helps the other person. Organising planning days with my beloved right-hand woman Shauna, has made all the changes we are making feel way less overwhelming.
  5. Early nights and reading for pleasure. Going to bed before 9:30 and reading for an hour is SO good for me. Fellow coach and all-round cracking human Lucy Siddall just posted about developing a reading habit.


PS: Have you been tuning in to Courage & Spice?

This season on the podcast is a series of episodes looking at the basis of my research into Self-doubt. I am loving the discipline of covering topics in bite-sized chunks. And listeners seem to be enjoying this too – the podcast is now #23 of Self-improvement podcasts in the UK! If you are new to podcasts this short guide has helpful steps for how to tune in.



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