rambly pre-summer update thingo

28th June 2019

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Lido with my pal Lottie.

It was one of those summer days where time stretched like toffee in the heat, where we drank elderflower spritzers and checked each other’s sunscreen. Where thoughts and conversation meandered through hills and valleys of narrative and wonder (with the occasional knob joke thrown in to keep it real).

Everything in my body was saying: more more more of this. And herein lies a rambly pre-Summer update stream of consciousness thingo. Remember the old days of blogging, before we believed the myth that if we ain’t monetising a side-hustle are we even born? #imissthosedays

Anyhoo, I have so much good stuff planned over the Summer!

Our house renovation began two weeks ago. Walls have been demolished, steel beams are in place, we have our own Mount Everest of dust. We are learning how to work with our builders, most of whom are from Poland – turns out our kiwi vowels are tricky to hear! After a whirlwind start, we are all getting very good at plain speaking. And charades.

There is a feel of jovial teamwork. And even though I find it quite traumatic to see our beloved home in such a vulnerable state, I like visiting the site. Decision-making will exponentially increase; I’m excited to be doing more of this in the coming months.

Workwise over summer, I’ll be teaching Courage Under Fire to a fabulous group of self-doubters who don’t do conflict (please note: enrolment closes this Sunday and we begin on the 1st of July). The Write Yourself Home workshop is in London on July 20th.

And I have plans to revamp the Compass programme which is at the core of everything I do – its how I live every day – and teaching this work lights me up so much! I’ve set aside a nice fat chunk of time to dive into Compass with the intention of zhushshshing it up 🙂

There will be book writing.

There will be so much reading. After a year of choosing (often disappointing) new releases, our book club is taking turns to recommend books we have loved. This month we are reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Pigs in Heaven. It’s SO good.

And this summer I will be deepening my energy healing practice. I’ve been spending Wednesday evenings for the last few months, learning the first level of Reiki. This experience has utterly changed how I see my energy, my body, my emotions, other beings. I feel like a completely different person.

I started this process because Reiki works in the electromagnetic field (this is also what my robot-heart is doing #scienceyo) but I wasn’t expecting it to have such a transformative effect on everything non-physical. Six months after my heart gave out, I can’t tell you how amazing it is to just feel in love with my life.

I’m writing to you from my office with sunlight streaming in, Fleetwood Mac playing, Bohdi and Badger snoozing on the floor, my new fiddle leaf tree is rustling happily in the breeze behind me, there is watermelon in the fridge downstairs, Mr P is on a conference call and I can hear him laughing. All of these tiny epic things add up to a moment of perfection for me. I stop and put my hand on my heart and just say thank you thank you thank you.

I am so fucking grateful to be here for it.

May you find moments of perfection in the simple ordinary of your everyday. May you find peace in the laguid idleness of rest. May you look in the mirror and soften into the knowledge of the miracle right in front of your very eyes.



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