13th January 2020

(NB: a shorter than usual note this week, because I am procrastinating as, for the last few months, every time I send out a newsletter, I’m getting LOTS of unsubscribes – which makes me a little squirrelly, and I can feel myself wanting to hold back until I have something ‘punchy’ to share, mostly because I don’t want to disappoint you/I don’t want to be disappointed – this is why I procrastinate; so herewith is a ‘good enough’ note and being honest about the contents of my brainwaves – however irrational and equally, understandable, is like a small weight lifting).

Hello you.

I had so many ideas for the Holidays.

We had three weeks off. Plenty of time to move home and I was also going to do loads of planning for the year and come up with many topics for newsletters and finish my book proposal. Complete half a dozen 5km runs. Do all the prep for my tax return. Record videos for coaching programmes. Generally, get a massive head start on 2020 #smuggymcsmugster

None of this happened.

Instead, we moved home and…. stopped.

We slept in. Marveled at the thickness of our bedroom curtains, the satisfying clunk of the glass doors closing, we put a few pictures up, debated when was an appropriate time to light the fire each day, ran bubble baths. Pals came over and we mastered the fancy dishwasher. And the oven. We stroked surfaces.

We slowly made our way through the insane Fortnum & Mason hamper, generously, unbelievably gifted by a beloved client.

We took Bohdi for long walks (and taught him how to jump into his new bath. This is a ‘salon-fresh’ winter).

It has all made me think about the concept of .

I remember the Christmas holidays as a kid in New Zealand’s sweltering heat, trying to read in my bedroom and being told off for ‘wasting the day’. In defiance of this, I read five books over the break (I imagined my 8-year-old self was lying next to me, grinning at the audacity of spending the day thus).

I’ve rested.

I’ve nested.

I’m feeling ready(ish).



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