Episode 9 :: The first year in business

25th October 2017

Show Notes:

Up until recently, Kate Ferris was a marketing manager working with global brands. Now she runs her own business from her home in Snowdonia helping creative people find clarity and direction with marketing strategies that help their businesses grow with a bit of soul. Kayte’s gorgeous blog Simple & Season is all about helping readers to show up to their work with intention, and to slow down on Sundays. Kayte and I both spoke at this years Blogtacular and I so enjoyed her thoughtful and creative approach to marketing.

The first year for any heart-centred business is a huge source of self-doubt: taking our creations and services out into the world with no guarantee of success is frankly, a cape-worthy endeavour! Kayte and I talk about what the first year of self-employment is really like.

Topics discussed:

  • How Kate is navigating her first year of being in business.
  • Kayte’s circuitous path to what she has always wanted to do.
  • Taking an approach to business that is all about what you care about and why this matters.
  • Preparing to leave the day job and transitioning to self-employment.
  • Losing the validation of a boss’ praise and coming up against self-doubt.
  • Why marketing is such a source of self-doubt.
  • Kayte’s tips for starting out in business.

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