Episode 8 :: How to ask for help

16th October 2017

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Show Notes:

Kevin Braddock is the founder of Torchlight, a project that is all about how to ask for help. Kevin has over 20 years experience in print media as writer and editor and has worked for GQ, Esquire, The Face and The Guardian. I read Kevin’s story in the Observer a few months ago and I was moved to tears. The article: ‘Man Down’ is both a personal account and a wake-up call about men’s experience of mental health. Kevin’s story is one of incredible resilience, tenacity and compassion both for himself and now for others through his work with Torchlight.

Topics discussed:

  • Men and self-doubt, anxiety, depression and why it’s so hard to ask for help.
  • Growing up in the 70s and 80s with self-doubt.
  • Kevin’s experience of depression leading to him asking for help.
  • The small daily actions and thoughts that helped Kevin recover – now available for you as Practice Cards.
  • Fire gazing – how storytelling helps and heals.
  • How to support a loved one living with depression.

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