Episode 15 :: How to raise kids with healthy Self-esteem

28th February 2018

Show Notes:

The Self-esteem Team is the UK’s leading mental health school-based programme. Founded in 2013 by Nadia Mendoza and Grace Barrett, the team have since worked with tens of thousands of young people, written a book approved by doctors, and continue to tirelessly tour the UK’s schools in their bid to equip young people with tools to navigate their mental health and build self-esteem.

Co-founder Grace Barrett and I chat about how we can help our kids, nieces nephews and the young people in our lives, to cultivate self-esteem.

Topics discussed:

  • The pressure parents can put themselves under.
  • What kids and young people are really concerned about.
  • How we can talk to young people about social media.
  • Why you don’t ever have to pretend you have it all together as a parent.
  • What to say and do instead!

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