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Episode 14 :: Self-belief and Seasonal Rhythms

7th December 2017

Show Notes:

Gemma David is a Chinese Medicine practitioner, Mindfulness teacher and is trained in mental health care. She owns her own practice – The Quiet Heart, in the rocking city of Bristol in England. Gemma creates events, work in schools, give talks and treats private patients where she uses mindfulness, Chinese Medicine, mental wellness and seasonal living guidance, to gently encourage a state of balance between your mind and body.

We talked about how living in alignment with our bodies, the seasons, our planet, our values are the raw ingredients for cultivating self-belief. Plus: loads of top tips for taking care of yourself during Winter.

Topics discussed:

  • Self-doubt and hormones are terrible twins.
  • Gemma’s breakthrough in her mid-twenties that brought her back to herself.
  • How to begin to cultivate mindfulness.
  • What Chinese Medicine offers us Self-doubters.
  • How to live in alignment with the seasons.
  • Remembering our creature selves in the technological age.
  • Gemma’s top tips for taking care of yourself in Winter.

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