Episode 58 :: Busting Your Unhealthy Beliefs

7th November 2019

Show Notes:

In the last couple of episodes, we have been exploring our unhealthy, unhelpful, often unhealed beliefs: how to recognise them, the benefits of changing them. We’ve looked at the most common types of negative self-talk (called Cognitive Distortions), and we’ve looked at the beliefs of Cognitive Restructuring – changing the meaning of what happens to us, so we can impact how we feel emotionally and what we do behaviourally.

In this episode, we are bringing these ideas together. I’m sharing a practice called Belief Busting that I have developed over the last few years, specifically to help folks who are held back by the beliefs that create and sustain self-doubt.

Usually, I teach this in my programmes, or with private coaching clients. But I want to share this with you so you can learn how to coach yourself. This episode is a bit like a workshop cum coaching session!

Please download this handout and listen in.

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