Show Notes:

In the last episode we talked about the most common types of negative self-talk (called Cognitive Distortions), and some strategies you can use to change your own unhelpful negative voice and upgrade your self-talk. In this episode, we are taking this idea deeper and looking at the beliefs that create negative self-talk in the first place.

Cognitive Restructuring is based on the principle that how we feel emotionally and what we do behaviourally is not the result of what happens to us, but instead, is the result of the meaning we make about what happens to us.

This means that we can change how we feel and what we do by changing what we believe.

Cognitive Restructuring teaches us to identify and modify our default ways of thinking. Learning to do this consistently, affects literally every aspect of our lives because there’s no part of our life that we don’t think about and interpret.

Whether it’s an argument with your favourite person, worrying about an upcoming interview, or grieving over a loss, we tend to get stuck in automatic, unconscious, and often rigid ways of thinking. 

Cognitive Restructuring changes how we think about (and feel about and what we do about) pretty much everything!

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