Episode 56 :: Upgrade Your Self-talk

25th October 2019

Show Notes:

Your voice is the one you hear most often, is it kind?

So much mental and emotional suffering comes from the way we talk to ourselves in our own minds.

One of the ways I explain what I do as a self-doubt coach, is that I help people identify and unlearn the unhealthy beliefs and behaviours that hold people back from living their lives. Over time, these beliefs and behaviours become habitual – Just like we all have physical habits—brushing our teeth before bed, twirling our hair when we’re nervous, shaking someone’s hand when we first meet them—we all have psychological habits too.

One of our common psychological habits is the way of talking to ourselves, sometimes called the inner critic. But it’s much more expansive than that. We all tend to have unconscious scripts stored in our minds that influence our automatic responses when we feel at risk. So you might have a boss who sends vaguely-worded emails every time they wanted to talk: ‘When you get a chance, stop by my office. We need to talk about something’. And your habitual script in response to these emails is: ‘Oh crap, what did I do?’

This episode is all about the most common types of negative self-talk (sometimes called Cognitive Distortions), and some strategies you can use to identify and start to change your own unhelpful negative voice and upgrade your self-talk!

Episode image credit:

Noah Buscher



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