Episode 53 :: The Protector

27th September 2019

Show Notes:

Self-doubt is often characterised as an inner-critic or self-saboteur, that we need to go into battle with, dismiss or infantilise. But its SO much more sophisticated than that!

In this episode of Courage and Spice, I introduce the concept of The Protector: a characterisation of self-doubt that you can meet with creativity and compassion.

I share five key aspects of this part of your psyche including ideas for how to develop a relationship with your Protector.

And if you are intrigued by this concept and want to study it and apply it to your own life, come and join Your Self-belief Map. You’ll meet your Protector and begin to work ‘with’ your self-doubt. Class starts next week and enrolment closes this Sunday!

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Cristy Zinn



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