Episode 49 :: Reality is Neutral

29th August 2019

Show Notes:

If you have a vociferous inner-critic, this episode is for you!

Reality is neutral. Everything outside of you, everything that is happening in the world, everyone else and everything you have no control over: all of it, is neutral. It just IS. But because we humans are meaning-making creatures – how we experience the world, how our beliefs are formed, how we know who we are – is all down to what we make reality mean. We are never observing or experiencing reality, we are interpreting and reacting to it.

Most of us were never taught how to consciously create our belief systems. It is incredibly liberating to realise that how we interpret neutral reality causes a lot of our emotional pain, and that the interpretations – our thoughts, our beliefs are not even ‘the truth’.

In this episode, I share how this has freed me from my own unhealthy beliefs and to take radical responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and behaviour. I also share a practice from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, for how you can experiment with this idea in your own life.

Additional resources:

  • If you are intrigued by this concept and you want to explore the origins of your own belief system, register your interest for Your Self-belief Map. The Autumn Class opens for enrolment in a few weeks!
  • Byron Katie’s book is called Loving What is
  • The Work of Byron Katie

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Houcine Ncib



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