Episode 47 :: The Infinity Loop of Sameness and Difference

19th August 2019

Show Notes:

In this weeks episode I’m sharing a concept that forms a core aspect of my work.

The Infinity Loop of Sameness and Difference explores a concept from developmental psychology that our growth as adults is partly about increasing our capacity to understand, reflect on and respond to two key psychological states: sameness and difference.

I see the infinity loop as symbolic of this process that we are always moving through: one loop is sameness which represents safety, stability and peace; this is where we feel settled, where we integrate and consolidate what we learn out in the world. The other loop is difference which offers us the stimulation of energy, complexity and newness that we need to grow.

In this episode I explore what happens within these states, how we get stuck and why self-doubt is integral to keep the ‘dance’ moving.

Additional resources:

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