Episode 43 :: How to give up on a dream and find new purpose with Jessie Harrold

6th June 2019


Show Notes:

Jessie Harrold is a women’s mentor, wilderness quest guide, doula, and author of the book Project Body Love: my quest to love my body and the surprising truth I found instead. Jessie likes to say she does “women’s work,” which means she helps women bring their babies hearthside, creates community and holds brave spaces for women to find themselves in, helps women reconnect with their bodies and the earth, and offers up a dose of word medicine wherever she can.

The thread that weaves all of this together is Jessie’s unwavering commitment to helping women + mothers unearth and reclaim their connection to themselves, their power, and their sovereignty. Jessie offers unEARTH and motherSHIFT, mentorship programs for women, pregnancy retreats, reWILD wilderness quests, and 1:1 doula support. She lives, writes, and tends to her family and her land by the ocean in Nova Scotia, Canada.

We talk about Jessie’s quest to reclaim her identity after her big dream of becoming a doctor didn’t pan out, how she has since carved out work of real meaning, and how she has learnt to be in her body.

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