Episode 39 :: The dance of the numinous and the mundane

17th April 2019



Show Notes:

Ruth Allen is a counselling psychotherapist, outdoor therapist and writer interested in solitude, silence, movement and narrative. She is also an organisational trainer, endurance runner and mountain addict.

Images of peaks and valleys of Derbyshire fill her Instagram; wild nature, often a ball of sunlight. And always real and gritty wisdom in the captions. You can tell a lot about a person from their Instagram feed.

Last year Ruth ran the entire 350 km length of Bosnia and Herzegovina across the mountains. Solo and unsupported, wild camping across the country. One woman, with a tent and stove. Ruth’s storytelling of that journey was profound and compelling and brave.

In this episode, we talk about Ruth’s trek, the existential doubt that resides somewhere underneath our self-doubt, the importance of ritual for integrating our experiences. And the dance between the numinous transcendent moments and the mostly mundane aspects of our everyday human existence.


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