Episode 37 :: The nature of fear

3rd April 2019


Show Notes:

On the 20th of December 2018, my heart stopped working. At about 2pm I picked up some washing to take upstairs to dry and I collapsed on the kitchen floor. 36 hours later, I was having emergency surgery to repair my heart which was completely blocked.

I want to reassure you that despite these dramatic events, I am very much alive and as I record this episode almost three months later, I feel very very well. I am told I should expect to become a very old woman.

So this isn’t a sad tale. But it is a life-changing one.

I wanted to talk to you about what I learnt in those 36 hours, mostly about the nature of fear. Perhaps this will help you to get curious about your own fears and how you can begin to reduce the hold fear has on you?



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