Episode 34 :: How to be Playful AND Political

14th November 2018


Show Notes:

Rabya Lomas takes play really bloody seriously. She is a multifaceted woman who happens to be of dual British and Pakistani heritage, working full time as a project manager with an enthusiastic interest in Playful Living. Rabya’s Instagram account is one of joyous fun – from pancakes and bubbles, a stairway of dreams, to imaginative ways with coffee beans – she is always looking to share and help others find their play so that can show up happy to their lives.

And this is not some whimsical frippery. Rabya believes there is power in play.  When we are engaged in play with our minds and bodies we are wholly free in those moments.  Free to explore without expectations or outcomes, free to discover yourself in those moments, free to unlock creative potential. and every piece of research I have read agrees with her!

We talk about what it was like for Rabya to grow up in her British Pakistani family, how she chose love over expectations, how she is learning to navigate her multifaceted self online and in real life, and why play matters SO much in these interesting times.

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