Episode 31 :: How to build an online creative business

10th October 2018


Show Notes:

Jen Carrington is a creative coach, writer, and podcaster from Manchester, UK. Jen hosts the Make it Happen podcast and co-hosts ‘Letters from a Hopeful Creative’ with Sara Tasker. Jen is passionate about helping us to live life and run creative businesses on our own terms, choosing more than feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and burned out in our careers.

Its been a pleasure to admire Jen’s work evolve over the years and I particularly love how she creates thoughtful, useful mini books to help us all figure this running a business lark out!

Jen and I discuss what it really takes to build an online creative business, how to do it with self-doubt, and how to trust yourself when the online world is trying to profit from your insecurities. We talk about defining success on your own terms, why chasing six figures is a path to disillusionment and how navigating through life’s adversities are the best training any business owner could hope for.

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