Each month, for almost six years, I have written a newsletter.

They began as a way to go a little deeper than blog posts, and there is something so intimate about letters (I’ve always loved epistolary novels). Perhaps this is why it always feels as if I’m writing to a good friend?

In our complex busy lives, it’s so easy to lose track of who you are and what you want. So many of us feel like everyone else knows how to do this Adulting Thing – especially when we are looking through the window of social media.

Sometimes it’s a relief to know we aren’t alone.

Notes from the Path is my invitation for you to take a few moments each month to receive some heartfelt words, ideas, support and encouragement.

I write about life as a curious thinking woman, fascinated by the experience of being human. I share what I’m learning on my path, as well as useful resources to help you on yours. You’ll also receive free gifts and first notification of workshops, retreats and opportunities to coach with me.



What readers are saying

Hi Sas. I absolutely LOVE this email. SO true, so funny and so relevant to my life and such gentle yet deep questions. Brilliant x
~ Helen

I wanted to say a big thank you for a perfectly timed (in the day and in my life) newsletter. I settled down to treat myself to read your newsletter with my cup of tea and breakfast this morning and it has really struck a cord.
~ Zoe

Your latest newsletter was perfect timimg for me. I just wanted to reply to say YES! I loved this.
~ Ray

As always this arrived just at the right moment – my friend and I are convinced you’re a witch! I really appreciate receiving pieces of your authentic self in my mailbox, please don’t stop sharing.
~ Sara

Once again, Sas, I am inspired by your newsletter. I feel as if we are walking the same path. Thank you for your devotion to radiate your discoveries along your journey, while not being afraid to share your vulnerabilities. Keep it up. I am listening.
~ Anna

I read and relish your monthly newsletters. This one was particularly nourishing. I realized that I’ve never sent any gratitude your way. Thank you!
~ Erin

Sas – this is my favourite mindful year newsletter so far. Soooooo much wisdom and truth here. Thank you for sharing x
~ Helen

Dear Sas, I always read your newsletters! I love the length of them – they’re like a breathing space. Thanks so much for this.
~ Sérene

I have very much enjoy and look forward to the monthly newsletter. I find your thoughts and musings and introductions of others soothing and thought provoking – stepping stones on my own journey.
~ BJ

I really just wanted to send you a super quick email to tell you how appreciative I am of your insights, guidance, your honesty, vulnerability, and just your way of being. I continuously feel like you are speaking to me. In some ways, you are a rather important person in my life!
~ Abby

Thanks for a truly pleasurable contribution to my inbox – which is sometimes a challenging goal, truly! The *ding* of your email arriving in my inbox is my cue to brew the tea and take a moment.
~ Jess

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for ‘My Mindful Year’ newsletters. It has helped me to center and ground into myself, and what is important in MY life. Blessings to you.
~ Becky

I just LOVED this newsletter. I just listened to the ‘Dragon Breaths’ recording. It’s been a crazy year, lots of change and flux and grief. Thanks for this reminder that it’s a lot and it takes special care to deal with it all.
~ Leslie

My mom forwarded this to me (I have no idea how she was on your list and I wasn’t – haha), but had to tell you that I LOVE your poem! Keep ‘em coming!
~ Hannah

I have to confess since subscribing to your newsletter (not sure when I did), this is the first time I’ve actually allowed myself time to read it properly. I just loved your theme for this month and the Red Bucket!
~ Emma

What a deeply gorgeous and inspiring letter, thank you from sunny Scotland.
~ Mary

Thank you Sas for another inspiring and timely newsletter, it is always a pleasure to receive them.
~ Pippa

I so enjoy reading your newsletter, thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful day!
~ Cristina

Morning Sas, I wanted to thank you for your jam-packed quality newsletter. I enjoy reading it and most of the strategies you include are really worthwhile for me. In addition, I like checking out all the links you share because it exposes me to new things. The graphics and layout make it pleasurable to read.
~ Claudette

Hi Sas, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sending these messages out. Every time a new one shows up in my inbox I am touched by the content. I admit that I’m not great at following through throughout the month (could probably use a reminder, possibly more than once!) but still am grateful for you offering them.
~ Liv

Dear Sas, thank you for these beautiful letters. You’re brilliant. I love the way you make us look at everything so differently.
~ Alison

I love your writing, I love this concept. It’s one of the few newsletters that I make space to read w my wine / tea / dark chocolate and enjoy the space it creates.
~ Zivana

Sas, I have family coming to visit, this email is just what I needed. Mindfulness can be super vague, so to have a specific focus each month is brilliant. Thank you!
~ Inger

Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry.
~William Saroyanas