new level, new devil

15th November 2019

This week I’ve had three sessions with long-term coaching clients.

It’s one of the many joys of this work, that I am a witness to people’s lives unfolding sometimes over a period of years. And I’m able to reflect back what I notice about how they are growing and changing, particularly in relation to their self-doubt.

It’s fascinating to me how self-doubt is never static – like an ivy vine, its root system will keep unfurling into our crevices, winding itself around new dreams and challenges and leaving us questioning our courage, our self-belief.

Or as they say on the interwebs – ‘new level: new devil’.

It was noticeable this week, that all three clients have successfully navigated through their initial layers of self-doubt.

These often sound like: Who I am to do this? What will people think? I cannot tolerate criticism or conflict. Without 10,000 followers do I even exist?!

Once we work through these first layer doubts, there is energy freed up to create more meaning and purpose. For these women, this has meant big changes in their respective work lives.

One has fundamentally changed how she runs her business (way less overworking and people-pleasing), another has reached a long-held ambition of making Director (VP for those of you across the Pond), the third spent a year retraining and is now making the first tentative steps in her beautiful heartfelt business.

What was once too big of a shift to contemplate, has now become the norm. .

But when we grow, we lose the comfort and safety of the familiar.

After the excitement, pride and joy from achieving change, new doubts inevitably emerge.

And so all three of these sessions were been about exploring what it means to integrate a new aspect of identity: What is being asked of you here? How can you dance with this increased complexity where there is no ‘right’ answer? This old pattern of wanting to belong is emerging in a new way: how can you slow down and reflect instead of reacting?

These questions are ongoing for me too.

Perhaps you recognise them as well?

Claiming a new aspect of ourselves takes time, there is no well-worn path because no one has done this before quite like you will.

Its a time for drawing in, shutting out the noise of the world and allowing your own heart to speak. Understandably, talking this through with someone else can be incredibly helpful – offering perspective, gentle supportive challenge and a sense of being less alone.

Want some help?

If you are experiencing a ‘new devil’ and would like the space to explore what this means to you, as well as figuring out pragmatic next steps, I’m opening up my calendar for a limited number of one-off sessions. A could make an excellent pre-Yule gift for you, no?



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