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10th February 2016

Wilson’s research suggests that while our sensory systems can process up to 11 million individual bits of information per second, our conscious awareness can process around 40.

In other words your body is aware of a shit-tonne more than your mind. My teacher and mentor Dr Martha Beck has translated this information into a couple of insanely powerful somatic coaching techniques.

These tools have been the gateway drugs for me (and my coaching clients), to accessing our ‘inner knowing’. Your body knows stuff. And it’s spooky accurate.

At our little retreat a few weeks ago, I showed my pals how to use muscle testing to check on some personal and business decisions. This is an applied kinesiology technique, based on the principle that our bodies respond with strength to a yes and weaken with a no. It was mad fun.

Yes coaches do this kind of shiz on a Sunday evening #embracingthecliche

Just as we were leaving the cottage, I received an email that I had been quietly, excitedly anticipating: applications had opened for the Master Coach training with the aforementioned Martha Beck. I have wanted to do this since forever.

Except I read through the email and my body gave me a clear and undeniable ‘no’.

What is this headfuckery?

Of course I am going to apply! Nope. I printed off the forms and got such a headache I couldn’t read the text.

Every action I’ve taken to get involved with the application process since, has resulted in the same big fat concrete no.

So then I started looking forward to beginning the Doctoral programme in September. Queue another massive nope, nada, not a freakin’ chance lady, from my nether regions.

My body is giving me a super clear no to both.

To which my immediate response is: WTAF? You mean I don’t get another badge? Another training? I don’t get to push myself and become the most qualified coach in the village? But but what will give my life purpose if I have no big hairy goal?!

I’ve been sitting with all of this over the last few weeks, trying to make sense of this information. And the thing is that once you have spent years trusting your body, making choices based on what feels super great, it’s almost impossible to return to a purely rational-thinking choice. In my experience, this is pure fantasy anyway.

Instead, I’ve been (somewhat reluctantly) playing with embracing the idea that it’s safe to give up climbing my figurative mountains for a while.

And every time I think about that, I experience this wave of bubbly excitement that rises up in my body.

It’s just like how I imagine joy must feel.

Ha. So I’m following the breadcrumb trail of this ‘joy’ business. And I’ve returned to morning pages. I’ve enrolled for painting classes. I’m sleeping later and making space in my calendar. And I’ve always wanted to learn French and so maybe there is time for that? Also there’s a ukulele gathering dust in our loft. And the stack of books on my bedside table is purely fiction (in content, the bookstack literally exists).

And (even though it’s a firm no from Mr P (and Rex)) I’ve been googling websites full of puppies currently available to adopt…

I am left with the bare-faced bodily truth that the most audacious thing I could do this year is have a shit load of fun.

I have no idea who I am anymore.



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