Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group

FOR YOUR sustainable + soulful COACHING PRACTICE

For many of us, discovering coaching was like coming home. 

Coaching is our thing. This is the way we contribute to humanity and sessions
leave us feeling just as fulfilled as our beloved clients.

However. As you’ve probably found, creating a sustainable, soulful, successful
coaching practice, requires you to wrap a Proper Business around your purpose. 

Which was probably when your self-doubt showed up.

The process of working it all out can feel overwhelming.

It might be that you can’t decide what kind of coaching is ‘you’, there may be concern at finding a constant stream of paying clients, and perhaps not knowing if you can help them.

There may be a gut-clutch of fear at feeling you need to be very visible and have all of your shit together, in order to market your work.

When you learn there are a squillion other coaches out there, you might feel a bit defeated. And late to the party.

You may begin to doubt that even you’re a coach because you aren’t doing much coaching.

This can all leave you watching enviously from the sidelines, unsure of how to show up. Considering another certification. Waiting.

It can feel really bloody lonely.

Fire Monkeys is about your transformation as a coach and as the leader of your coaching practice.

During our six-month programme, you’ll have everything you need to establish your values-led, needs-based practice.

You’ll know exactly what to do to create soulful sustainability and success on your terms.

But this is about more than HOW TO run your COACHING business.

Fire Monkeys is about you stepping into your sovereignty, your self-belief, your grounded, compassionate, boundaried, healing leadership. Because in 2020, our world needs you more than ever.

If you are ready to spend six months living on your growth edge (I promise it will be horrible and amazing), Fire Monkeys is for you.

Be the flame (not the moth)

Trust, accept and believe in yourself, your voice and your coaching mission.

Ignite transformation in your coaching clients.

Step up. Take risks. Burn bright.

Curious, empathic, innovative

Mission-focussed and mischievous.

Learn through constant experimentation. Cultivate courage, tenacity, resilience and grit.

Take your place in a safe, brave, generous community.

(the first cohort of coaches went through this programme in 2016, the year of the Fire Monkey, providing the perfect metaphor for this process).

A comprehensive, thoughtful and effective mentoring programme:

You’ll build your coaching practice organically, rooted in the unique combination of your values, experience and personality.

What matters to you will be baked in to how you show up, market and enrol clients, as well as the systems, policies and processes you choose to support your work.

We’ll explore the ways your self-doubt protects you from failure and disappointment; from being visible, from accessing your voice, and your power.

You’ll understand how to trust and support yourself, so you can keep showing up for your business, your clients and yourself.


You’ll find your people: who understand what it means when a client pays in full, the despair of Mailchimp tagging and who actively support your expansion into your potential.

You’ll make meaningful, tangible progress, honouring your pace.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Fire Monkeys includes:


A proven leadership programme designed specifically for thoughtful coaches.

Practical step-by-step guidance for how to establish, build and grow a viable, profitable coaching business.

Hands-on weekly coaching sessions to support your growth and progress towards your goals.

My deeply invested belief in your capacity for leadership.


Brave + Supportive Community

Our learning site is separate from all other social media.

You’ll have access to Sas every day, and a cohort of like-minded souls – ask for feedback, find accountability partners, celebrate wins and seek help to get unstuck.


20 comprehensive modules – you get the whole shebang!

Covering everything you need to create your coaching practice from the ground up.

Each month you’ll have access to three classes you can take in your own time – video, audio, workbooks, templates, scripts – all designed to help you take meaningful action.

A Team of Expert Teachers

Live workshops from a host of industry leading-lights and my wider support team.

Covering everything from what inclusion and anti-racism means for coaches, how to establish your accounts for success, when and how to use Instagram ads, how to write for an audience. We’ve got your back!


Weekly Coaching Sessions

I will coach you every week for six months.

We will look at your beliefs about your coaching, your ability to market effectively, to be visible, to make money, to help your clients, to lead your business.

You will face all your self-doubt and profoundly change your relationship with your self-belief.

Your Transformation

I’m not going to lie: you will meet your edges in this programme. This is completely intentional.

I want to show you what happens when you accept that there is always the risk of failure and disappointment and rejection and you go all in any way.

You’ll get to see just what you can do.


We’ll open our circle on Tuesday, 28th January 2020.

Each month you’ll have access to three classes you can complete in your own time,
complete with video teaching, a workbook, templates, and scripts you can make your own.

Classes are logically organised so you will have your practice up and running in the shortest amount of time.
You’ll be fully equipped to speak with your people, share your coaching offers and invite them to work with you.

Weekly coaching sessions (covering all timezones) for six months.
You’ll understand all the ways you hold yourself back, you’ll navigate through your self-doubt,
you’ll witness your own transformation. 

We’ll complete at our closing circle on Tuesday 21st July 2020.



PRE-WORK :: planting the seeds of your foundation

Before Fire Monkeys gets officially underway, you’ll be able to complete the first two Modules of the programme: 1. Your Values and 2. Your Flavour of Coaching. 

You’ll drop deep into a tried-and-tested somatic method to begin to create the foundation of your coaching work. You’ll also discover how so many coaches set themselves up for failure right from the start, and exactly how to avoid this in your business.


3: How to cultivate Self-belief

We’ll start the programme with an exploration of your lived experience of self-doubt. How is this showing up in your coaching practice today? What purpose is your self-doubt serving?

You’ll create a plan to experiment with cultivating your self-belief in ways that tangibly benefit your business.

4: The Research Interview Process

The essential questions to ask to find out what your coaching clients want (including what your clients are ready to pay for and exactly where to spend your marketing efforts).

Uncover the real reason no one is buying your coaching services (it’s nothing to do with your rates, or your experience).

5: How to Map Your Coaching Client’s Transformation

How to tap into your empathy to deeply understand and be of service to your clients.

How this deceptively simple process helps create all of your future marketing collateral.


6: How to Elegantly Package, Name and Price Your Coaching Offer

Using the basis of your Foundation, we’ll explore the concept of needs-based coaching. This month you’ll create, name and price a needs-based coaching offer, original to you and specifically designed to help your people.

How to price your coaching offers energetically and mathematically.

7: How to Write a Magnetic Invitation Page

The 10 elements of a compelling invitation page (and exactly how to structure and format your copy). 

The techni-magical Template that creates your formatted Magnetic Invitation Page as you go!

8: Introductory Calls & Testimonials

The core principle of Introductory Calls that almost every coach misses (including the complete structure and script I use in an Introductory Call that has 90% of prospective clients book with me – no convincing, no manipulation, just respectful realness).

The four elements that turn bland feedback into success stories that showcase your coaching (and the #1 most powerful question to ensure testimonials lead to new client bookings).


9: The Four Page Website Formula

The four key pages you need on your website, their purpose and how to write to your ideal client. Plus: the page that most coaches overlook that has led to dozens of clients booking with me (and exactly what to write to encourage this on your site).

The 10 questions to ask before you create or refresh your website that will save you money, time and energy.

10: How to Create a Website That Totally Resonates With Your People

The three unique-to-you energetic elements that create the ‘X Factor’ for your site (that are nothing to do with fancy design).

Exactly what to do when people aren’t visiting your site (including a proven process for creating a six-month plan to get visible in front of your ideal clients).

11: How to Write a Magnetic About Page

This is the second most visited page on any website, so this is totally worth making it count.

You’ll get clear on how the five core elements of every successful About Page apply to you, your flavour of coaching and your beloved readers.

We’ll explore why this is a key tool for creating resonance with your prospective clients, how to do this in a way that is authentic to you. And exactly how to write your About Page so it works as a magnet for generating new client bookings.


12: Your First Six Clients

The three steps to receiving your first six clients (that build on everything you have already created). Exactly what to do and say to receive your first six clients (without a mailing list, a website or a social media presence).

You’ll discover the marketing myths that keep you in pre-action mode (and why you have everything you need to be marketing).

13: Acquiring Your Next 25 Clients

How to set up your subscriber list so new people want to connect to you (and why growing your audience in this way matters). Plus how to grow an engaged audience (that has nothing to do with the numbers of followers you have). 

How to tend to your existing audience with effective, proven ways to effectively market your coaching offers. How to take care of you while you are growing your profile (including what to do when people un-subscribe, unfollow and de-friend).

14: Marketing for a Sustainable Coaching Practice

The core elements of your marketing strategy, created with your energy, your personality and your clients in mind.

A road-tested process for generating your next six months’ of content in one afternoon! The thing you must do before you create any marketing communication. Plus: what it means to be a thoughtful content provider: how to ensure you are inclusive, safe and values-led for your audience and your own heart.

How to effectively launch your coaching offers.


15: Your Coaching Container: the conditions for your best coaching work

The one thing most coaches don’t know about, that can deepen and expand your capacity for excellence in your coaching work.

Exactly how to establish your Coaching Container and bring it to life in entirely practical ways.

16: The Art of Self-reflection: the simple practice that will dramatically improve the impact of your coaching

How your discomfort and self-doubt helps you develop your capacity as a coach (and a 5-Step process for what to do when a coaching session doesn’t go well). 

The known conditions for supported reflection that will rapidly increase your coaching development and maturity.

17: Creating a Referral Based Practice

Once you set up a referral process, you’ll see how easily (and quickly) your excellent coaching leads to more clients. And the best thing is, referral marketing can feel like you’re not marketing all! 

We’ll cover the different types of referral opportunities, how to create referrals and how to become referrable. 



Chosen by the group, I’ll create an extra module based on what you are interested in.

19: Defining your own success story

What to do to keep your business strategy evolving healthily and in a way that creates sustainability.

The fulfilment and values approach to planning for and measuring success in your coaching business. What are the financial, emotional, creative and spiritual rewards you want to reach?

A maturity model for your coaching practice. How do you know you are developing as a coach? What does coaching mastery look and feel like?

19: How to ride the peaks and troughs of self-employment

How to stay energetically bonded to your work with two guided visualisations and one connection ritual. Including three proven tools to help you stay productive, purposeful and keep moving forward.

My tried and tested approach for exactly what to do when it all gets too much (that I’m still learning how to master).



with Dina Behrman


with Ravideep Kaur


with Ingrid Fernandez


with Annette Ferguson


with Jo Williams


with Ray Dodd


with Shauna Reid


with Mara Glatzel

I want to help you demystify the process of wrapping a business around your coaching work.

Over the last eight years, I’ve developed a coaching practice that is booked solid and I regularly sell out workshops, retreats and group programmes.

I started out with a few clients around my day job, had a metric tonne of ‘learning opportunities’ massive fails and a few successes.

I have learned how to create a sustainable business based on my values, experiences, training and what lights me up. For the last five years, I have been mentoring thoughtful coaches – just like you – to do the same.

I’m a Certified Dr Martha Beck Coach, I’ve trained with the Coaches Training Institute and I have an MA in Coaching from Oxford Brookes University. And in my BC (Before Coaching) life, I was a sought-after management consultant helping teams, organisations and one Knighted Noble Prize Winner bring their business vision to life.

I have a unique combination of expertise and experience and enthusiasm, that I am delighted to make available to you!



What do coaches say about the fire monkeys?



Kind Words

What past participants are saying

I was struggling to put myself out there, to show up as a coach. Since Fire Monkeys, I’ve hosted workshops, spoken at events and secured my first money coaching clients!

Fire Monkeys provided me with a complete business framework, from working on my values and self-belief, to testing my coaching offer with real-life people, to marketing my services. Now, I’m building a holistic coaching practice that works for me and my clients. 

Sas is understanding and encouraging and knowledgeable and inclusive. You don’t want to miss a single one of the weekly live calls! The support, community and kindness from the other coaches on the programme was invaluable and many of us have kept in touch since the programme ended. 

I feel buoyant and exhilarated about my coaching practice now. I know I’m on the right track. Fire Monkeys has been pivotal to my coaching journey and I’m so happy to recommend it to others.

Talia Loderick

Money Coaching

If you’re thinking about Fire Monkeys, it’s worth every single penny – and then some! It’s been life-changing.

I used to feel like my business was more of a dream than a reality and I was nervous about making yet another investment before actually having any clients.

Because of Fire Monkeys, I’ve been able to get clear on what my coaching is all about and articulate it well, create an ecosystem for managing my business and write some great copy for my website.

I’ve won my first clients using the process and techniques that Sas shared!

But the biggest positive change is that my mindset has moved from dreaming about a coaching business to actually starting my coaching business and having a clear sense of how I can grow it.

Working with Sas is like having a wise woman who totally gets what you’re going through and is the voice of wisdom and reason and supports you through breakthroughs. The only trouble you’ll have is letting go of the fabulous community after six months – it’s so valuable, you never want it to end!

Ursula Capell-Helm


If you are thinking about taking Fire Monkey’s with Sas I would definitely say go for it, it is one of the best investments that I made for me and my business! 

Before enrolling in the Fire Monkey’s I felt like my business ideas and visions were very much standing in the shadows of myself, lightly knocking on random doors hoping someone would let me in.  Fire Monkeys allowed me to get clear on who I am, what I stood for and how I could encapsulate these values into my business.

Sas has the unique ability of making you feel seen, heard and so relevant, which is not always the easiest in a group setting.  I felt valued and was encouraged and motivated consistently by Sas to keep showing up no matter what!  Sas helped me uncover my truth and feel proud of what I was building.

Sas really knows her stuff, but is always open to learning and growing and most importantly being challenged and for a woman of colour that has been super powerful for me.  It is one thing to talk about intersectionality but to follow through with your belief is another.

I feel a level of self-belief that I didn’t possess prior to the Fire Monkeys as I visualise Sas genuinely waving her pom poms for me! I don’t think I would be on this path of growth and discovery without it, building a business that is entrenched with my value base motivates me everyday. 

Ravideep Kaur

Presence based coach | Anti-Racism Consultant & Educator

Do not hesitate to invest in Fire Monkeys – the return on investment is better than you can imagine! As a new coach, Sas helped me to make progress in launching my new business by lovingly rescuing me from the evil web of perfection in which I was trapped.

Participating in Fire Monkeys gave me the courage to take the steps needed to stand in the world as a coach – just as I am. The group calls were a judgement free place to be deeply heard, admit to fears, laugh, and learn that these other lovely coaches felt exactly the same as me. The honesty and vulnerability of the Fire Monkeys members helped propel me forward so much more than muddling through this all alone.

Sas gave me permission to fully be me – messy, confused, frustrated, excited – and welcomed every bit to the table.

Jill Tyler

Healthy Relationships Coach

Fire Monkeys is by far the richest, most comprehensive practice-building programme I’ve ever invested in. Everything Sas teaches is proven and based around her own research and experiences. There’s no bullshit, she is the real deal!
As a coach with some years of experience, I joined Fire Monkeys because I wanted to reassess my practice and learn how to create a consistent, sustainable income – something that has eluded me. I felt like I ‘should’ have had the business side sussed by now. 
I’m so glad I got over myself and signed up!
I’ve learned that self-doubt shows up in all sorts of sneaky ways, and Sas’s approach to navigating self-doubt is kind, compassionate – and grounded in real, evidence-based research. 
Sas’s thoughtful, encouraging style means she is there to guide and champion you every step of the way for the entire six months. She is masterful at modelling how to hold the space for you to find your own answers.
While it will take many months to fully implement everything I learned, I feel newly grounded in my coaching ‘flavour’ and the value my work provides – and I know that will be evident in my marketing. I now have clarity and the practical tools and strategies to communicate my message and build my practice with courage, consistency and commitment.
If you are a thoughtful, values-led coach who wants expert, compassionate support to help you do the same, do yourself a favour and sign up to Fire Monkeys – I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Julie Marah

Coach for Corporate Professionals Stuck in the Messy Middle of Life

When I started working with Sas, I had one-ish client.

I now have a full coaching client load, and my doula practice is booked up for the next seven months. My mailing list has almost doubled, and I’m turning out content like a ladypreneurial badass!

I have a very tangible goal with my business. By the time my daughter starts school in September 2017, I wanted to have quit my day job and be working for myself full time (I did it!). As the latch-key child of workaholic parents raised on after-school Oprah and homemade Nutella smoothies, I want to be waiting with (metaphorical or actual) warm chocolate chip cookies when my wee one arrives home from school.

This is about so much more than doing work I love…it’s about being the kind of Mom I want to be, and the kind of person I want to be.

Jessie Harold

Life Coach & Doula, Nalumana Women's Wellness

If you are thinking about enrolling in Fire Monkeys, you need to know that it is going to be worth every single penny.

You will be able to push through so many mental blocks and barriers and do work that is relevant and meaningful. You will be supported by one of the best coaches I’ve ever come across: Sas is an expert in setting up a coaching business.

Through Fire Monkeys I’ve been able to get really clear on all the things I felt foggy about: from what my clients needed from me to the programme I wanted to create, to how much I wanted to charge. The whole enchilada!

Now I know what success is for me and because of that, I can judge how I’m doing against that rather than a totally out-dated and handed down model of success that no longer served me in any way.

Working with Sas means having the best advocate you could possibly wish for on your side, rooting for you and giving you the support, encouragement, challenge and advice you need when you needed it. And, as a bonus you will have the support and encouragement of the people in your fire monkeys community. It’s everything you could possibly need. 

Because of Fire Monkeys I know I am perfectly imperfect and that means I have so much to offer.

Tania Menegatti


This programme made me a coach.

I had been longing to find confidence and clarity in my coaching work for some years when I signed up to the Fire Monkeys. Now I can’t remember what it was like to feel so lost. 

This is a very rich peer group and mentoring expertise – I feel so confident and clear about the value of my work.

Alongside my own practice, I am authoring a continuing education programme for coaches in mindfulness for the largest German distance-learning school. I could not have imagined this would be possible a year ago – Sas and the Fire Monkey Mentoring Group are magic!

Anka Hoerster

Meditative Life

Before enrolling in Fire Monkeys, I felt like I had been treading water for far too long with no sign of the shoreline. I was confused and frustrated with where to begin or what direction to take my coaching business.

If you’re looking to create a strong and sturdy foundation for a sustainable, values-based coaching practice, I highly recommend Sas’s expertly crafted, soulful approach.

I found the whole process from day one inspiring, fun, and impactful.

The comfortable nurturing container that Sas provides, has enabled me to experiment with ideas and slowly gain clarity and perspective.

Benefiting from the collective support of my fellow Fire Monkeys who were an amazing group of women, added depth to my journey.

Sas is masterful, authentic and beautiful inside and out. She knows exactly when to gently nudge you, or when to quietly hold back for the magic to unfold.

Jacquie Bamber


I said yes to the Fire Monkeys because I’ve worked with Sas before and I both trusted and knew that this programme would be more than worth the investment.

As a result of the programme, I’ve grown in confidence as a coach and in putting my work into the world. I realise so many of my marketing doubts are about me and what I’m projecting. I realise that some of my work is to get out of my own way. Now I feel more solid in the goodness of my own work.

Mentoring with Sas is thoughtful, relaxed, intellectually stimulating with just the right level of woo!

If you are thinking about enrolling in the Fire Monkeys, you need to know you really can dip in and out as your work and schedule allow, guilt-free. But it’s so very worthwhile putting in the time and effort to engage with the content.

When I think about the future of my coaching practice, I really feel I have something solid and good to offer the world. I’m excited, proud, content.

Shona Macpherson


I could have stopped after module one and still been delighted with what I’ve learned!

Something magical happened as I worked through the material and I have found a way to relate to my coaching that feels amazing and lights me up – it means I’m creating a truly alive and vibrant space for my clients and our work together.

The foundations of a coaching practice – getting clear on who you work with, the way you work best, the boundaries and frameworks for how to create the conditions for conversations that permeate your initial calls with clients, right through to the intention behind the words on your website – these weren’t the things I was taught in coach school!

Sas has created powerful content rooted in an evidence-based approach, and a circle of professional and friendly coaches in a space where we’re all encouraged to lead and contribute.

I always come away from our group calls feeling energised, supported, and having learned something new about my coaching work. It’s brilliant!

Jacqui Sjenitzer


During my Fire Monkeys journey, I’ve learnt to really believe in my value as a coach. I know who my potential clients are, what they really want from me and how to intentionally communicate with them.

Before enrolling in the Fire Monkeys I felt completely adrift; casting around aimlessly and hoping I’d trip over my ideal clients. But as a social-media-dodging introvert with inconsistent energy living in a sparsely populated region, this was unlikely.

I’ve learnt how to create a coaching practice surrounded by totally reusable tools that work for me. And I’ve learnt how to nourish myself along the way so that I can show up for clients as the very best version of myself.

Throughout the 6 months, I’ve felt challenged and supported in the best possible way; Sas has been right there for me at every turn. Working with Sas is a unique, warming experience; gentle but oh-so-powerful… and a huge inspiration for my own practice.

Sarah Lynas


Mentoring with Sas is like sprinkling magic into my business and life, and how she illuminates the interplay of both is downright brilliant! Sas taught me specific methods to work with my anxieties around decision making and branding.  Sas has an uncanny ability to uncover where light needs to be shed.

As my business expands into international retreats, Sas taught me how to hold a larger space, in a deeper way for my clients. In my writing efforts, she taught me why it’s vital to ‘be the flame, not the moth’ and write from my soul and heart, share my unique story, be brave.

This is for any coach who wants a soulful, generous of heart, real-life wisdom approach. 

Jane Reeves

Coaching & Retreats, Radiant Jane

I signed up for Sas’s Fire Monkeys programme because although I absolutely love my coaching work, I had no experience of marketing and was struggling with how to put myself out there in a way that would be effective but still authentically me. 

I’ve used Sas’ introductory call format successfully twice this week, and I have two new signed up clients!

I’ve been delighted with the whole programme – its length and pace, the practical ‘how to’ guidance, the more reflective element of fine-tuning exactly who and how I want to coach, the supportive community of like-minded fellow coaches, and Sas’s hugely generous, insightful, knowledgeable and humorous leadership throughout.

As a result, I’ve been able to create a marketing presence that I’m extremely happy with and I’m feeling confident, excited and fired up about growing my coaching practice from here. To anyone considering joining the Fire Monkeys, I’d say just go for it – you won’t be disappointed!

Susie Morrison


Fire Monkeys has helped me step into my role as a coach and given me the self-belief I needed.

Finding like-minded coaches to work with and for support was invaluable. I was able to identify my own flavour of coaching and get comfortable with giving things a go (even if it’s not all sorted out!). I’ve realised that some things take the length of time that they take, but the progress I’ve made in a few months is incredible.

Working with Sas was a delight.

Sas stayed with me every step of the way and I so admire the way she approached everyone in the group and their very different coaching practices, with a heart centred, knowledgeable and integrity-filled way that helped light the path ahead.

Allison Johnstone

Disclaimer: Choosing to invest in the Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group means you accept and agree that you are responsible for how you apply the programme materials. Your results are dependent on an entire suite of factors including your skills, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, your personal financial situation, wider economic conditions, and maybe even planetary alignment. However, I wholeheartedly believe our world needs healers like you more than ever. For five years I’ve mentored coaches using the Fire Monkeys approach, and I will be available to support you every step of the way. Please be thoughtful when choosing to invest as no refunds are given.