cultivating intuition (and the esoteric guides in my little black book)

12th April 2016


It started happening pretty much when I started coaching.

Mostly it was images, but sometimes words and phrases would come to me. On one memorable occasion I coached with a woman who was navigating through crippling anxiety. It was our first session and I felt my own throat clutch in sadness as she tearfully explained how debilitated she felt.

And in my mind I saw a woman standing on top of a hill with her hands on her hips, her face marked with paint, a bow and quiver slung over her back.

The image was so unrelated to my client’s experience, so bloody random, I dismissed it immediately.

In our last session a few months later, she jokingly used the phrase ‘wild woman’ to describe herself these days. And the image flashed back to me – perhaps that hillside warrior was who she really was? I shared what I had seen and it opened something deeper between us.

And in me.

I’ve learnt to share what I see – to allow that to be part of the conversation, and to allow the client to interpret what it means. I almost always coach by phone, because I like to close my eyes and tune into the place where those images and words come from. Its a harmonious compliment to all that empirical research.

Over the years these intuitive hits have become more frequent and clearer.

Perhaps its like a muscle? It might be down to my preference for the visual. It often feels magical.

And partly because of this experience, I am very open to consulting with folks from a more esoteric persuasion.

I’ve had a few conversation with those tuned into a different frequency and they have helped me to believe in my work, to keep moving forward, to dream and scheme for a bigger future.

I often want to talk to such people when things are really hard, when I feel lost or I don’t know what to do next. I’ve learnt to resist this – to trust myself first and to only consult with others when I have no attachment to the outcome.

Sarah and I spent last weekend in Glastonbury – frankly, a bloody mad little town (I once saw a woman dressed as a giant vagina walking along the high street). It’s also known as the heart chakra of the planet and I have a huge fondness for the place; I always feel more expanded there.

Our mini-break was made of endless chats about all manner of things, with time to journal and meditate and create vision boards of what we are ready for, a wander up the Tor, a fish n chip supper and some psychic guidance thrown in for good measure.

After the tectonic shifts of the last few months, I’m feeling steadier in myself, like I just had a shot of the good juju.

Most of the women I know are open to this kind of guidance, but we don’t want to be taken advantage of, and everyone in my guidance Rolodex has come from the recommendation of someone I trust. So if you are curious….

The guides I consult on a semi-regular basis for all things everywhen:

Theresa Reed: The Tarot Lady. Theresa is the most down-to-earth no-nonsense tarot reader I’ve ever met. I first talked to her when we were thinking about leaving London and she could not have been more accurate or helpful. Now I treat myself to a reading each year.

Ali Duffey: Master Coach, Intuitive Guide. As well as being hilarious and wry, Ali is tuned into something so big. She reads energy signatures and I adore her matter of factness.

Sabrina Dearborn. Sabrina gave Sarah and I readings at the weekend. She works from her home in Glastonbury and by phone everywhere else. Each reading was 90 minutes long and she just says what she sees about past lives, future possibilities and suggestions for what might help now. It was so so good!

Pamela Nadeau provides a written account of a conversation she has with her angelic guides and you are not present for the reading. Just email Pamela to make contact and she’ll send all the details. You ask five questions, she’ll clarify anything else she needs and will let you know when she is going to do the reading. My reading was an incredibly powerful experience and put SO many things into perspective.

Please do share your own recommendations and experiences!



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