if you feel a bit helpless right now, here are some ideas

31st July 2018

Feeling helpless is The Pits.

And even with No deal Brexit looming, the whole Tumptastrophe, and wildfires everywhere, it’s a big hairy lie.

Changing the world is ANY tiny action that bends the arc of our lives towards hopeful contribution.

I can’t solve the heartbreaking refugee crisis, but I can spend £5.99 a month to gift period supplies and dignity to women asylum seekers via the bloody good works of Bloody Good Period.

I can’t prevent HSBC from having huge investments in nuclear arms, or shitty tax avoidance strategies. But I can switch to the first UK Bank with a woman CEO who openly questions bias, gender and money & totally gets self-employment: Starling Bank.

I can’t prevent the horrific waste and exploitation from consumerism, but I can buy from stores nearby: @firain_shop @thesetwohandsuk @kemitelford & stores who’s values I adore the pants off of: @wearewildfang @allriottshirts @thepeopleshop + @sootmegs

I can’t single-handedly clean up the oceans, but I can listen to @lucylucraft and learn about radically reducing waste and going as plastic free as poss. I can make choices aimed at making Sir David Attenborough proud of me.

I can’t stop the mind-fuckery that is skinny = healthy, good and pure. I can ALWAYS make the choice to eat the damn cake. And soon: grown my own vege – hello allotment life!

NB: I’m not an “Influencer” (just ask Bohdi) and no one tagged in this post has paid/offered/gifted me anything in return. They’ve just been ace, and sharing is caring.



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