how do you get things done?

26th January 2016

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I’ve just had the most inspiring and replenishing weekend at a stupidly gorgeous cottage in the Cotswolds in England #donthateme

I invited five women, all business owners that I wanted to hang out with, to share and bond and creatively problem solve.

Because it can be so freakin’ lonely being self-employed, amiright?

Holy crap some old stories got shifted and burned up (literally – we chucked them in that fire in a gorgeous releasing ceremony!)

And since I drove back yesterday, I’ve been thinking so much about how I get things done.

It was such a huge theme during our weekend – how we motivate ourselves to do things and why we sometimes don’t take action at all.

A massive lesson from becoming self-employed is that no one is going to do this for me – and actually no one cares if I don’t do the things I say I want to do.

My sense is that there are different energies and stories attached to different kinds of action. To me it looks like this:


For me this is a feeling of being in stasis – sometimes it’s because I feel hamstrung by the fear and doubt and risk, and what people think. It hits when I am promoting myself or my work, or whenever I have raised my rates. And it makes me want to eat my body weight in chocolate.

Passively Phaffing

This is when I am reading books about the thing I want to do, chatting to other people about it, or doing an ecourse on that thing I want to do. It can feel a lot like progress but usually I am just consuming information rather than creating anything. This kind of phaffing doesn’t require anything from me and of course, there is nothing to show for it.

Random Action

When I am super busy but not quite sure what I am doing or why. It can feel like I am under a lot of pressure but at the (literal) end of the day I couldn’t tell you what, if any progress I made towards anything. Signs of this: a to do list the size of India, none of which is associated with any kind of useful outcome.

Inspired Action

The Law of Attraction folks swear by taking action that’s inspired by achieving a desired feeling state. I find this is a groovy place to feel into and ‘dream and scheme’ – but for me, it’s usually not sustainable. And in the muck and bullets of a typical day, the idea of raising ones vibration can make me want to self-harm.

Focused Action

More often these days, I am getting super clear about what I am doing and why, what I am doing next and (super importantly) when I am done. I find that I can make a shit-tonne of progress, and its all in service of bigger vision. Staying in Focused Action requires me to be willing to be super honest with myself about any doubts and fears I have, and getting über clear about my ‘no’.

I’ve found that taking action from a deep clarity about what I do, who I do it for and why I am doing it, makes it way easier to access the creatively inspired momentum that I think we all need and want as business owners.

Not all the time obviously, because we are messy humans, but to know that state is to recognise when you are out of it, and learn how to get yourself back in.

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