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13th December 2019

NZ ferns and pinecone nightshade in the kitchen construction zone.

Hormones. A full moon. The election. Yesterday was the anniversary of Mum’s death. It’s the last week of renovations. Blimey.

According to some of my favourite , we are currently experiencing what I’m loosely interpreting as: ‘A Cosmic Shit Show’.

I guess the good news is we are all navigating this together.

Less great is the idea that ‘2020 is unlike anything we have seen in many decades, with an array of eclipses and retrogrades, all creating the turning point of a lifetime, no matter what your chart‘. Neat.

I KNOW. Astrology. But where else do you go when it feels like things are falling apart, the centre is not holding?

One of my biggest lessons this year has been to be open to surrendering.

To stop trying to control every damn thing. To ask for help. To prioritise rest and time with my people and to allow for idling. This has been excruciating.

For decades I’ve worn my ‘get shit done’ badge of honour with no small amount of pride. Until my heart demanded that I pause, get still, heal. And I have nothing in my way except my own stubbornness. It’s an incredibly privileged situation to be. Which adds a sprinkle of guilt, a dash of self-judgement.

In learning how to slow down for realz, I cannot say this year has been a ‘better’ experience. It has allowed me to try on new versions of me, from my ‘wardrobe of possible selves’ (an exquisite phrase by psychotherapist .

I’m writing this on the afternoon before the election.

By the time you read this, we’ll probably know the result. I don’t know if any outcome is a good one. Just that it will be.

On Friday night I’ll be lying on the floor of a yoga studio, under a blanket, under a full moon, experiencing a healing, candlelit gong bath, with my best women pals.

If this cosmic shit storm is taking root, I can’t think of a better place to be.


Rather than wait for the post-Crimble pause, or leave it to the wave of ‘new year new you’ madness to usher you into some snappy resolutions, can I invite you to take a small out-breath right now?

You might try these five questions as a quiet reflection in your inner world, or a jotting-down-your-first-thoughts journal conversation with yourself:

  • Who have you become this year that you are fulfilled by?
  • What are you ready to set down gently on the path, so you can continue walking?
  • What has the last year of your life been dedicated to?
  • What versions of you from your ‘wardrobe of possible selves’ are wanting to be seen?
  • What will you offer your energy to in 2020?



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