he turned us into dog people

23rd March 2018

Dear Bohdi,

It was on a five-hour drive to Cornwall to visit our pals Penny and Cam, when the idea of you started to become real.

We’d been talking about getting a dog for years, but work and study and the furs and is our house big enough? There was always something that convinced us it wasn’t the right time.

Halfway to the beach, we stopped for a sandwich and there was a floppy-eared red spaniel in the cafe and I  just knew it was time.

I spent the remainder of the trip yammering on about why we should just do it. Ash though, as you are probably learning, has never been that convinced by a good story, he likes reasoning and facts. So before we left Penny and Cam and with the vital assistance of their pooches Jake and Cujo, I presented a power point presentation with costs and benefits and images of furry little beasts with just enough sadness in their eyes. He didn’t take much convincing.

Later at home, we found the lady who owned your Mum, pregnant with you at the time. We went through two interviews before she agreed to let us adopt you.

The day we took you home, we realised that even though we had read the books and had all the puppy stuff, we had no idea what we were doing. Thanks for sticking with us.

I am so glad we took you to puppy school, even though it was clear from the first ten minutes that you already rocked at being a puppy, and this was schooling for us.

It was like learning a new language and there were a few moments when you seemed to understand what ‘sit’ meant, and then ‘wait’ and then how to walk on your lead. To be fair, Maureen, the French bulldog who didn’t understand any commands for weeks and never left the class without poohing on the floor, made you look really good.

It was the night you were the ‘demo dog’ for recall commands that I finally felt like we were connected. I called your name across the hall and you immediately came running towards me with your ears whipping behind you, your tail windmilling around. I cried with joy and pride.

When Ash comes home from work, no matter where you are, you will scamper along the hallway in a similar style.

We’ve spent every day together since you came to live with us.

There have been so many moments when I felt like your energy was just too much. When I am trying to work or you are trying to convince Badger that she is also a dog and you should both totally play together and she gives you a Hard No and chaos ensues.

But you are pretty fearless when it comes to other dogs, you are first to say ‘let’s play’ and you adore your pals at the park: Bosco the St Bernard/pony and Bella the rescue greyhound who you love to play chase with. I have got to know the other dog owners in our community because of you.

You respond to Bodhi, Bohdipoobear, Bodles, The Bohdster, BOHDINO!

We took you back to Cornwall a few months ago and you had your first day on the beach with Penny and Cam and Mr Cujo (as you came to know him).

Watching you run crazily along the sand with your ears pinned back in pure unadulterated joy, is one of my favourite moments.

I’m so glad you came to live with us.

You turned us into dog people. You made our family whole.

Happy birthday little dude.

Love, Sas.



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