friday five: what I miss

10th January 2008

Five: The rather spectacular architecture of the London Skyline, and the sudden consciousness sparked by catching a glimpse of Houses of Parliament or the Gerkin; that ‘OMG I’m in LONDON’ feeling.

Four: Jersey’s spectacular corporate accounting laws. Tax is a bitch.

Three: The plane ride home from a travellytrip; consisting mostly of drinking bloody mary’s, belly laughs from viewing the photos, and planning the next one.

Two: The knowledge that if it gets too cold, too hard, too much, you can always go home (where the sun is shining and the pohutakawa is blooming near a white sandy beach). When you’re home (and it’s raining) you just have to suck it up, princess.

One: Meeting Noshy at High Road House in Chiswick for imbibing and humourous discourse mostly about the subject of men (and shoes).



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