fresh starts and new pencils

21st September 2019

This feels a bit like ‘show and tell’ after the Summer holidays.

I have more to tell than show šŸ™‚

Since last we met, I have been subsumed by our house renovation: the site meetings, the conversations about joists and fascia and coving, the squillion and one choices to be made. The constant stream of men in the hallway with their voices and smells and energy.

Our rental is… fine. We are grateful to have a place to stay while our home is reconstituted.

But I am surrounded by uninstagrammable things; the detritus created from not having enough storage space, and the bits and pieces we have ordered but not yet installed at the house.

Its all felt so temporary. Unsettling. I’ve been restless.

Yet, I’ve discovered an unexpected freedom in having nothing to share. I’ve stopped taking my phone everywhere, eschewing pics and instead, posting scribbled notes to Instagram.

I’ve been reading highly recommendable books: City of Girls, Three Women, Perfidious Albion, Where the Crawdads Sing, and for book club: The Hours.

I ‘ve been watching Offspring and Succession and a bit too much Parliament TV.

I have a new whiteboard in my office, which has been enthusiastically deflowered by the lovely folks in my new programme for business owners: Sovereign State of Mind.

I’ve caught up on a lot of pesky admin tasks.

There is now a little chat function on my website that has been the source of brief and sometimes random conversations with visitors.

I’ve changed from Mailchimp to ConverKit which will mean hardly anything to anyone but makes the behind-the-scenes a little more streamlined.

And I wrote a whole list of things I wanted to share on Courage + Spice then realised it was all my own work, so I’ve been recording solo episodes. There are already four new ones, available wherever you get your podcasts. #alwaysbeexperimenting

This admin stuff is all leading to a planned big-assed change in how I offer my work. It’s mega. Nothing much will happen for a few months but then… boom! Much different. I cannot wait.

So here we are with the new pencils feeling of September.

Its good to be back šŸ™‚



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