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20th July 2017

This Summer, I am currently extracting no small amount of pleasure from driving my aces new car, with Bodhi the Wonderpup in the wingman seat, while listening to a juicy podcast.

I’m feeling a little obsessed with the medium, as I’m preparing to launch my very own podcast!

Courage & Spice is the podcast for humans with self-doubt.

After spending 2014 in various Oxford libraries researching self-doubt for my MA, the last few years have been about coaching clients through their particular flavour of self-doubt. And I know it is absolutely possible to alleviate the impact it has on our relationships, our creativity and our work in the world.

Self-doubt has become an absolute passion for me, I could talk about it ALL DAY. I cannot wait to share Courage & Spice with you!

The podcast will be ready in September, so in the meantime, I thought I’d share the contents of my Podcast Stream. Enjoy.

OnBeing – Krista Tippett is my Podcasting Spirit Animal. Poets, writers, scientists, cultural and religious leaders engage in hour long conversations on the nature of being human. I’ve been introduced to countless unknown smart people through OnBeing.

This American Life – Like tiny documentaries, Ira Glass weaves three short stories through a loose theme.

Revisionist History – Ubergeek Malcolm Gladwell revisits unknown or misunderstood incidents from history. Way more interesting than it might sound.

Under the Skin – Russell Brand is human marmite, yes, however, I loved this interview with my favourite comedian Frankie Boyle.

Making Oprah – Having grown up with Ms O as a surrogate mother, I absolutely loved this short series from NPR on the making of the Oprah show. I remembered so many of the episodes mentioned! Mostly though, this reminded me that the best business advice ever: run your own race.

Hashtag Authentic – my good friend Sara Tasker started her podcast earlier this year and she is a huge inspiration to me. In her down-to-earth Yorkshire way, she talks about life as a creative entrepreneur with a mix of thoughtful advice, her own learning and juicy interviews.

Being Boss – Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson’s episodes are a mix of business advice and interviews with business owners. A welcome relief from the squillion young and hungry male podcasters (who I imagine have bought all of Chris Guillebeau’s books, fantasise about a paid gig on Pro-blogger and wear t-shirts that say ‘do epic shit’).

RadioLab – Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich co-host this brilliant series on big ideas. It’s about trying to make sense of being human with a sound evidence basis.

Invisibilia  – another from the NPR stable and I’ve only heard a couple of episodes. This is about the invisible forces that control human behaviour – so interesting.

We’ve been having a chat on Facebook about our favourite podcasts! Feel free to share yours.



Hello, I'm Sas Petherick. I'm a self-doubt researcher, coach and podcaster who helps thinking humans transcend self-doubt. If you'd like to receive these posts in your inbox please subscribe here (with bonus info and first notice of opportunities to work with me). PS: I totallyInstagram - join me there?


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