five diets ALL women should be on!

28th June 2017

1. The Apologising Diet

Do you apologise when you bump into pieces of furniture? Do you have a verbal tic of starting every sentence with ‘Sorry…’. This one’s for you!

Who are you apologising to? What are you apologising for? If there is nothing requiring your sorry, you can safely ban the entire ‘unnecessary penance’ food group from your lexicon.

2. The Over-explainers Fast

Have you stocked your shelves with nutrition free explanations? Do people raise their eyebrows as you offer them the entire contents of your brain? Do you suspect they worry about your sanity? Perhaps they might believe you think they are stupid.

Over-explaining is another way of apologising, with bonus rationale! On the Fast, you naturally stop justifying your needs, your ideas, your very existence.

3. The Self-depreciation Reduction Plan

Yes, we all love people who don’t take themselves too seriously. But are you putting yourself down for someone else’s benefit? Using humour as a method of attention-seeking? Or pre-empting criticism to protect yourself from the sting?

You can purge your Self-depreciating ways! Share your vulnerability, embrace ‘I don’t know’, accept compliments and everyone will stop feeling diminished around you.

4. The Qualifier’s Calorie Count

Are you trying to reduce those high-calorie ‘bad foods’ women should avoid at all costs: pushy, aggressive, demanding? When sharing your ideas do you use any of the following qualifying phrases?

  • Would you mind awfully…?
  • Maybe I’m off here, but…
  • I wonder if we could just tweak that slightly so that…
  • I’m sorry but…
  • [pre-amble of small talk on email or in-person conversations].

New research shows that fat doesn’t make you fat! And the Pre-qualifiers Calorie Count leads to feelings of self-belief, competence and empowerment.

5. The Nemesis Freedom Diet

You know that person on the Instagrambooktwits who makes your belly clench in comparison? Perhaps she has your followers/fame/fortune? Are you feeling longing or anger, envy or unfairness?

The Nemesis Freedom Diet is the answer! Lose their entire body weight at the push of a button – because (ta da!) you can simply unfollow them.

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives ~ Annie Dillard 



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