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6th January 2008

First day back at corporate lackey world. Pooh. I am struggling a little but this week is mercifully free of meetings and deadlines so I have time to sort myself out and get my to do list under control.

I am also attempting to aleviate the complete loss of mojo by kicking ‘08 off with some ooompf. Not resolutions as such because they are usually crap (humans are just not inspired by deprivation… “I will stop drinking coffee this year, stop yelling at my kids, stop smoking, lose weight, work harder” all those things sound like a big stinky drag and imply that there is something WRONG with you). I believe our spirits are in need of pleasure, like our bodies need water. And it is important for us to ritualise the New Year; January is a blank slate upon which to dream.

This is not about being the most outrageous or wild; its about doing stuff that makes your heart beat. About being brave enough to have ripe and juicy dreams – whatever that means to you. I want this year to taste more like rum and raisin with raspberry sauce than stewed cabbage 😉

I have always been amazed at the power of writing things down. Most of the good things in my life began as a thought, then made its way into a list in one of my journals/blog. For me writing things down is an act of courage, an intention, and it does happen. You will astound yourself with what you can create by putting pen to paper. Post your list somewhere you can see it and read it every few days. Maybe put it in your wallet, tape it to the fridge or on the back of your wardrobe door? Go on. I dare you ;).



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