When self-doubt is running things, you may find you are constantly holding yourself back,
and twisting into evermore relatable, loveable, acceptable, instagrammable versions of you.

While censoring who you really are, you’re likely to be shoving what you really want ever further down your priorities.
It’s an exhausting, unsatisfying way to live.

I know this probably feels like there isn’t another way.
Or maybe your strategy is waiting for some imaginary future when you are different?

Self-doubt doesn’t magically disappear – I know – this feels like a design flaw to me too!
But when you decide to work with your self-doubt, the impact on your life absolutely feels like magic.


I’ve spent almost a decade researching the phenomena of self-doubt and I’ve coached with hundreds of people to navigate through it.

I’m astonished at what’s possible when we aren’t focussed on what self-doubt tells us to hold back from.

When you are connected to your true nature, life is richer: more meaningful, more fulfilling.

And your True Nature isn’t some mystical or laborious thing – it’s just the utterly unique, one-off blend of your personality, your preferences and your dreams, the full spectrum of your emotions, the space you take up in the world and the conscious choices you make to create a life that fits you.


your true nature rests on a foundation of core resources:
self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust.

I want to show you how to develop these resources within you.

self-belief – Sovereign

Your inner-Leader helps envision your dreams, knows you are capable and that it’s safe for you to try things out. The Sovereign is fundamentally about self-belief – how to create and value the vision you have for your life, and provide all the encouragement you need to bring your ideas into being.

When you work with Sovereign energy you get to feel fully expressed, to contribute your gifts to the world. Sovereign opens you up to the feeling of purposeful fulfilment, to a life of meaning and joy. ACES.

self-acceptance – Lover

The Lover is the aspect of your psyche that wants to connect and belong – to your past, present, and future selves, to your emotions and you body, to the natural world and to other people.

The Lover is about accepting your humanity – rather than arguing with reality, its about being with what is here. When you claim your Lover energy, you acknowledge your human needs – to feel, to play, to be loving and loved. Embodying self-acceptance gives life a sweetness. 

self-trust – Sage

Your inner-Sage helps you question thoughts and beliefs, to be interested in your values, opinions and preferences, so that you can make choices that feel aligned to who you are right now. 

Embodying Sage energy allows you to cultivate self-trust – valuing your intuition and your intellect, and practicing discernment. Sage doesn’t assume everything is true, or that it’s true for you. Sage sets helps us have clarity.

self- worth – Warrior

Your inner-Warrior is about how you advocate for yourself, the boundaries you hold and how you take up space in the world, Warrior is action-oriented. There is a quality of earthy realness to Warrior – an invitation to get our hands dirty with life.

Claiming Warrior energy helps you cultivate self-worth; taking action to prove that we matter to ourselves. This is how we fulfill the vision of the Sovereign.

COMPASS IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU DEVELOP these resources within you.


Here's what you're going to learn:

✔ The principals behind each of the Compass points and how they each connect with your Self-doubt.
✔ How to connect with your personal Compass resources of of self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust.
✔ How to recognise behaviours and beliefs associated with under-expressed and over-expressed resources.
✔ Creative, fun practices and approaches to developing your self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust.
✔ Importantly - you'll know exactly what to look for as these resources begin to develop within you.
✔ You'll learn how each of the resources in your Compass work to support you in any situation.

Here's what you need to know:

✔ Compass is a self-paced programme with no start or end date - you can't be behind!
✔ You'll get access to all content as soon as you enrol - go at your own pace.
✔ Lifetime access to all materials.
✔ Video lessons, workbooks and visualisations all housed on a beautiful learning site.
✔ PLUS: Discover all 12 Self-doubt Archetypes and find your supplementary types!

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After years of constantly seeking answers and feeling so lost, finding my way home to myself has been the most meaningful journey of my life.

Learning how to create an internal compass made of self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust forms the basis of my coaching work. It’s incredibly fulfilling to have helped hundreds of people to do this for themselves.

I have an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University, and my Master’s dissertation was a deep study into self-doubt. I have also trained with the Center for Narrative Coaching, the Coaches Training Institute, and Dr Martha Beck.

Underneath all the book-smarts, runs my intuitive felt-sense of what in you, is asking for attention.

It’s my joy to help you find your way home!

Kind Words

What participants are saying

The whole programme is just so beautifully written.


I have done online courses before but I really wanted to compliment you on your work! It is so accurate and well written but what makes it stand out in my opinion is the creativity involved.

It was so much fun and really clicked inside of me to do the visualizations and the creative tasks like drawing, for example, my Warrior Garden.

I just wanted to let you know how special and beautiful it is what you created. A big thank you.


It now seems startlingly clear where all my self-doubt issues have stemmed from. Brilliantly put together workbooks and reference material, and so meaty. Compass goes way way beyond anything I’ve ever done before.


Blimey! I’m feeling challenged and thrilled. This is all kinds of amazing.


Sas, thank you so much for the work you do.  It’s such a gift to explore ourselves in this way.


My face leaked big time when I met my Sovereign! Thank you for bringing this into the world.


Your word-smithing powers are such a delight and I could listen to your voice for hours. Thank you for the wonderful energy you bring to this work. Be so very proud of your course. It’s beautiful and important and I’m grateful to have journeyed with you.


I did the Sovereign visualisation this evening and wow, I hadn’t expected that at all…sobbing out of nowhere, feeling all the feels and genuinely moved and bolstered by the whole experience.


Want to explore these concepts before you commit?

Uncover your Self-doubt Archetype!

"The quiz was straight-forward but the results that came back were insightful, enormously comprehensive and spookily accurate! I’ve already started to action some of the experiments to embody self-belief" - Debbie