Our experience of self-doubt is phenomenological:
unique, subjective and deeply personal.

This means there is no guaranteed ‘once and done’ solution to self-doubt (I know, this feels like a design flaw to me too).

But there are proven approaches, practices, tools and resources that can help you make sense of your particular flavour of self-doubt, and minimise the ways it is holding you back.

I’ve spent years researching the root causes of self-doubt and coached with hundreds of women to transform how they think and feel about their lives.

My approach is research-based, pragmatic, fun and deeply respectful of your lived experience. Do have a listen to my podcast Courage & Spice to get a taste!

We can coach together just you and me, or you can join my group coaching programme: Your Self-belief Map. 

There is nothing like having an experienced guide to support your process.

Your Self-belief Map

This is a deeply supportive group programme. We’ll explore where the seeds of your self-doubt were planted, the unconscious beliefs you have carried through to adulthood and the important role self-doubt has in your life right now. You’ll create a personal and practical map to honour your needs, values and preferences as you bring your dreams to life. The next class opens in Autumn 2018.


We work together over several months, to help you unhook yourself from self-doubt and sink into your own quiet, tenacious resilience. We’ll uncover the key experiences that have formed your story and explore how these threads are woven into the wider narrative patterns of your life.