how to build a six-figure coaching biz in five easy steps!

14th December 2015

IMG_4427pro tip: surround yourself with wildly competent experts.

Step One:

Discover coaching. Feel like you’ve come home or fallen in love or something. This is AMAZING.

Step Two:

Absorb everything in coach training as if human sponge. Practice with coaching pals. Dream big dreams about the power of coaching and your mission to help change the entire world and every being in it.

Step Three:

Launch your coaching practice!

Step Four:

Feel All The Feelings as website goes live and four people subscribe to your newsletter, then one unsubscribes. After 19 days of no comments or clients, radically reduce big dreams. Spend three hours crafting killer blog post. Publish. *crickets* Spend entire day continuously refreshing all social media pages while eating body weight in chocolate.  Go to day job and feel life force drift away. Decide to get shit together. Watch 76 hours of Esther Hicks YouTube videos. Decide to raise vibration. Repeat mantras. Pin motivational sayings on all visible walls. Pin motivational sayings all over facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram as if life was sorted and coaching practice was ticking along fabulously. Start to hate how fake and shitty it feels. Pray for one client. Turn to crystals, oracle cards, intentional journaling, tarot, and clairvoyant lady at psychic fair who smells faintly of mushrooms. Drive 46 miles to sit in centre of stone circle and get mild case of hemorrhoids. Decide to write like no one is reading (no one is). Get text from Mum: ‘HOWIS COACHING?!!! OPENEDYOURbank STAtement BY MISTAKECALL ME.’ Resolve to never call Mum back. Or ever look at bank statement. Listen to Tony Robbins audiobook. Decide to awaken Giant Within. Go for walk in countryside and get idea for group coaching programme. Feel amazing! Come home and begin imagining arena of smiling people and being on stage with Oprah. Make tea. Tidy workspace. Iron everything. Online search for perfect font leads to website of classmate from coaching school currently leading beach Retreat while being hashtag blessed. Unfollow, unsubscribe. Cry. Question self, coaching, your purpose, God. Call best friend and admit nightmare of fakery and utter self-doubt. Listen to soothing sounds of loved one. Feel minuscule amount better. Find two more people have signed up to newsletter. Decide to write to everyone on newsletter and offer free coaching session. Go to bed with churning belly. Wake up to one yes. Coach person for free in exchange for testimonial. Actually coach someone! Feel amazing. Proper client recommends two more people. Charge nominal fee. Resurrect group coaching programme idea. Work on this in the evenings and weekends. Feel knackered, overwhelmed, invigorated. Decide to hold one day workshop in friend’s parent’s basement that smells a bit like wet dog. One person excuses self to use bathroom after first hour and never comes back. Feel shame for two minutes before deciding to give all energy to remaining three attendees. Leave wet dog basement and conduct afternoon session in park, laugh loudly and feel free and remember why this coaching gig was actually a good idea. All three workshop participants enrol for coaching. Coach tits off in evenings. Learn a tonne. Decide to only coach specific kind of person. Find specialised coach training in line with dream clients. Keep going. Get more clients. Practice. Call Mum back. Eventually check bank statement and realise you’ve made more than you thought. When ready, reduce to three days a week in day job. Feel brave and scared and purposeful and slightly less like shitting self every day.

Step Five:

Work with more clients. Increasingly trust self, work, mission, universe. Experiment. Show up. Show up. Keep going.

ps: want to minimise the crazy of Step Four? I have just the thing for you!



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