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23rd December 2007

A few rest days with my family in bris vegas and I am deeply involved in retrospective navel gazing.

Since Santa last visited, I have gained a niece, a house, a pension plan; I see welly harbour every morning (a view I coveted for most of the some 2000 days I spent offshore). I am now within a few hours of almost everyone I love. I’ve climbed a few mountains (both literal and figurative) and negotiated a semi-rapid river in northern Spain (thanks to my 2 woman kayak team-mate, without whom I may still be turning in circles).

I fell in love with New York, drank many many flutes of champagne during a fabulous road trip to the region and devoured one very happy snapper atop a hill on a south pacific island. I met some truly inspiring and creative, wonderful people. I learned the true definition of s-t-r-e-t-c-h (and it totally rocked 🙂 I said goodbye to much loved and respected London based friends and colleagues. I have felt almost bursting with, at different times, hope, joy, love, and a big dollop of gratitudiness. On occasion I also required the assistance of a paper bag to just. keep. breathing.

There have been moments where I had no idea if I was waving for help or drowning alone; on balance there was much pure joy. One thing is certain: I am here. And when you stand still and are conscious in this moment, you are timeless.

(with thanks to Rosie for the lovely image 🙂



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