You’re self-employed,
not by-yourself-employed

On any given day our business requires us to:

  • Believe in, support and champion ourselves as leaders
  • Value what we are offering to the world
  • Get to grips with our relationship with money
  • Be comfortable with visibility
  • Handle criticism, judgement and rejection with grace
  • Believe we know enough to support our clients
  • Believe we are talented enough to create beautiful, useful things
  • Continuously experiment (sometimes in public)
  • Honour our individual pace
  • Decide who’s opinions are worthy of our attention
  • Figure out everything from mailing lists to tax obligations
  • Stay connected to our creativity
  • Hone the words to describe the value of our work
  • Resist comparing our work to ‘the competition’
  • Discern who to ask for help and support
  • Get showered and dressed.

no wonder self-employment is catnip for self-doubt!





Bravehearts Marketing Workshop


marketing can feel a bit like the Dark Arts of self-employment

 (especially when your business is an expression of your values and your heart).

But sharing your work and inviting people to buy from you – consistently, continuously and
(at least a little bit) comfortably – is necessary for your business to flourish.


In this workshop, we’ll spend the morning moving through a thoughtful,
proven, values-led approach to marketing your business.

Together we’ll explore:

  • Why you might be holding back, feeling confused, or even a bit defeated that nothing is ‘sticking’ when it comes to marketing.
  • The real reason people buy from you (that has nothing to do with your prices, your experience or your testimonials).
  • The ‘red thread’ of your business and how to weave this through every aspect of your marketing.
  • How to keep showing up for your clients and customers, even if you are introverted, sensitive, quirky, feel like you have nothing to say, or need to be ‘in the zone’ (which never seems to happen consistently). 
  • The first step to take, (and the next one after that) to stop feeling like you’re winging it the whole time.
Learning how to share your OFFERINGS – to lead and enjoy
the process – is absolutely possible for you and your BRILLIANT business.


How to get the most from the workshop:

Bring a spirit of curiosity – marketing is strategic storytelling – it’s immensely  creative, generative work. You can be playful AND productive.


Be compassionate with yourself. Marketing our work can bring up all kinds of self-doubt. You’ll be fully supported to do this in a way that feels good for you.

Trust that there is a place for you here, no matter where you are in your business life. Your work matters and we are all in this together. You don’t have to do this alone.

As a mentor, Sas is kind, thoughtful, relaxed, intellectually stimulating with just the right level of woo!

Shona Macpherson

Shona Macpherson Coaching

I’ve been able to create an online presence that I’m extremely happy with and I’m feeling confident, excited and fired up about marketing my business. Sas is hugely generous, with insightful, knowledgeable and humorous leadership.

Susie Morison

Susie Morrison Coaching

My intention is that you’ll walk away with:

A marketing plan chock-full of doable actions for exactly how you want to show up for your people!

Deeper clarity about how to share what you do or what you make.

Loads more comfort about the kind of marketing that feels exciting to you.

The courage to keep showing up for your people consistently.

Feeling more supported and less alone in this running-a-business malarky.

A full belly and a brave(r) heart.

All participants will receive a pdf of the workshop content, including a recording of the online workshop.


BRISTOL :: 9:30am-2:00pm, Friday 26th April 2019

We’ll be in a light-filled space in one of Clifton’s grand Georgian mansions.

You’ll be greeted with breakfast pastries and fresh fruit, hot tea and coffee are on offer all morning. Plus we’ll share a seasonal lunch together. What a great way to meet like-minded folks!

All workshop materials are provided – just bring your lovely self.


ONLINE :: 10:00am – 12:30pm, Thursday 2nd May 2019

Bring your own hot tea, candles and snacks!

I’m on British time – please click here to check any time differencesThe workshop will be recorded in case you can’t make it.

Afterwards you’ll receive audio and video recordings as well as all the workshop content for future reference.

Please note your ticket is not refundable. When you click the ‘buy now’ button you’ll be asked to buy your ticket and you’ll immediately receive an email with all the details for the workshop. If you experience any technological weirdness or have any questions please do email.

Hello! I’m Sas Petherick a Self-doubt Coach + Researcher.

Self-employment is a really bloody courageous choice that’s not for everyone.  When you decide to run your own business it won’t take long before your self-doubt pops up leaving you questioning everything.

It’s also totally worth it. Self-employment is a meaningful way of contributing to the world we all want to live in. We ARE the new economy.

I’ve been leading my coaching practice for the last eight years. It’s a source of endless (and sometimes uncomfortable) growth, pride and joy. I’ve figured out the principles of how to serve consistently and sustainably, staying rooted to my values and my version of success.  I am pretty much unemployable now!

Before I became a coach, I spent over 15 years as a management consultant, supporting dozens of organisations, and at least one Knighted Nobel prize winner to bring their business dreams to life.

You can expect practical tools, evidence-based wisdom, and all the support you need to take intentional action.

I would love to support your brave heart, and your brilliant business!


Kind Words

What past participants are saying

I just love how kindness (no hustle!) is such a central thing in this. Plus, letting ourselves make space for self-doubt, new ideas and just life stuff.

My project totally surprised me and also makes complete sense. And it’s now something bigger and better than what I’d come up with before. It’s amazing what happens when you loosen up some and just go with it… see where it leads you.

I also loved the format – online courses can be hard to follow and quite lonely, but this has been lovely. 

I feel supported, equipped and very very hopeful. 

Margie Jensen

Everyday Artefacts

I really loved the workshop and got A LOT out of it… I had a genuine breakthrough that one of my limiting beliefs that was powerful stuff and now rewriting the belief is the work and the commitment.  

Also, I know that wasn’t necessarily the aim of the session today but somehow the space Sas created and connection to myself and the quiet focus, in a held community was exceptionally powerful for me. Thank you!  

Zoe Lavendar Stuart

Business Mentor

Today I wrote my business plan. No one was more surprised than me. It was much easier than I expected, I guess, all the seeds were there, I just hadn’t really tended to them. My next step will be to put it into place.

Many thanks to Sas for the workshop, the tools and the words which created just the right space for things to come together. Sas has a knack for gathering such women around her. Came away feeling energised. A good way to spend a Friday. Aided by tea, pastries and an inspiring and supportive group of women.



I really loved the workshop and got A LOT out of it… I had a genuine breakthrough that one of my limiting beliefs that was powerful stuff and now rewriting the belief is the work and the commitment.  

Also, I know that wasn’t necessarily the aim of the session today but somehow the space Sas created and connection to myself and the quiet focus, in a held community was exceptionally powerful for me. Thank you!  

Lissa Foley

Founder of Yogalillies

The workshop was filled with ‘yes of course – why haven’t I thought of it like this before…’ moments.

I feel like I am moving into 2019 with both courage and kindness supporting plans, projects and me…Yes!!  

Ali Brown

Visual Artist

Thanks for an amazing and inspiring morning. My mind is buzzing!

Heather Mathieson

Studio Potter

A huge heartfelt thank you for your time and work yesterday. Wow, what a wonderfully encouraging and inspiring space you hold! I do love a visualisation practice, and some really fun ( scary! 😉 planning and dreaming. So thank you Sas.

Betsy Huggins

Tiny Giant