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how to believe in yourself when you’re self-employed

Most business owners will tell you, being able to feed your family from the contents of your very own imagination is one of the most fulfilling sources of joyful pride, ever. Less discussed, is that it can also resemble something like intense daily therapy. When...

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the science behind the myth of enoughness

Well, we survived spent Easter in the Brecon Beacons! For four days we lived in a small wooden cabin with no electricity and one hot water tap. We cooked on a little gas camping stove and paper-scissored-rocked to be first in the bathwater. During the day we explored...

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wales, puppies, ghosts and macrame for easter

I’ve kind of lost my blogging mojo a bit over the last few weeks. However. I just listened to this cracking podcast interview of two of my favourite online Brit birds, Kate Molesworth & Sara Tasker, chatting about why blogging is not dead. And given it’s Easter and...

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voices rising :: nothing happened in the woods

I heard snuffling and panting and turned around to see a large dog on the path. He was stocky and grey and reminded me of our big cat, Rex. His face was scarred and scratched, his eyes beady: he was an old soldier and he had clearly been in more than a few battles. My...

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be the change: it matters more than ever

I believe wounded people create a wounded world. And so before we can become effective agents for change, we must tend the personal wounds that stir our reactive emotions, cloud our vision, and cause us to act unconsciously in ways that undermine our intentions and...

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read this if you feel like time is running out for you

'Moss is inconceivably strong. Moss eats stone; scarcely anything, in return, eats moss. Moss dines upon boulders, slowly but devastatingly, in a meal that lasts for centuries. Given enough time, a colony of moss can turn a cliff into gravel' ~ Elizabeth Gilbert There...

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letting go of binary failure: embracing my inner pirate

Back in my days of running big complex risky programmes, we were obsessed with RAG Statuses (Stati?). Every conceivable risk was added to a spreadsheet; it's probability and impact weighted in a complicated algorithm, and then colour coded so Senior Managers could...

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