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the nature of unsettling conversations

How are you with those unsettling conversations? Last Saturday I ventured out into the glorious winter snow, took a train to Oxford to spend the afternoon at a workshop with the poet David Whyte. Pamphlets had been left on every chair in St Algates church, baring...

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uncertainty and heart wisdom

How are you with uncertainty? If you've been following along on the 'gram, you might know that just before Christmas my heart stopped working. Let me get the spoiler alert in early - my prognosis is excellent! As I write this, I feel physically better than I have in...

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how to have a compassionate Christmas

How is your heart in the lead up to Christmas? You might just be pacing yourself through school Nativity, Christmas Jumper day, the office party and the squillion WhatsApp messages with various family members, in an attempt to organise the miracle of a Christmas...

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the path to wisdom

How do you know what is true for you? I've been a bit fascinated by how we know what we know. Becasue the answers to the questions that stir our hearts, are simply not able to be Googled. We have dreams, hurts, shadows, unmet longings, and as poet David Whyte offers...

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ordinary sadness: how to be a compassionate witness

What brings you sadness? I’m sad about Ash being in London three days every week, I’m sad every time I watch This Is Us, when I think about being so far away from my Dad, the lack of critical thinking in our media; I’m sad about how many women believe likability...

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a postcard from the middle of the middle

Well, here I am at 45. All going well, I'm in the middle of the middle of this winding path (and I think I just stepped in dog poo *sigh*). Have you ever walked a labyrinth? There is a beautiful ritual in three parts - to Release, Recieve and Return. Walking a...

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how to take up space: experiments in visibility

'Boob Mug' from the brilliant + talented potter @jessicacooperceramics I have been experimenting this week - creating a series of live videos, exploring the typical ways we respond to Self-doubt (all five videos are available for free right here). This process has...

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lessons from taking a pause

After seven years of sending monthly newsletters, in April I lost my writing mojo. The words felt clumsy and forced, I felt tired and uninspired. It's probably no accident that around the same time, I also rather boldly stated that I was embarking on writing a book...

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if you feel a bit helpless right now, here are some ideas

Feeling helpless is The Pits. And even with No deal Brexit looming, the whole Tumptastrophe, and wildfires everywhere, it’s a big hairy lie. Changing the world is ANY tiny action that bends the arc of our lives towards hopeful contribution. I can’t solve the...

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re-entry lessons: is this freedom or chaos?

This post was first shared with the Thoughtful Coaches Insider community.  --------- So I went to Italy. To Jane's Loving Kindness Retreat. And I honestly thought I would get so much work done. At the very least, writing my new course and planning out the rest of the...

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stretch, eat, nap repeat: on developing a rest ethic

From this dusty chair in the courtyard next to the restaurant, all I can hear are birds chattering and the occasional shouts of hotel staff preparing tonight's supper. I have come to Tuscany in the heat of early Summer with the specific intention of 'risking being...

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he turned us into dog people

Dear Bohdi, It was on a five-hour drive to Cornwall to visit our pals Penny and Cam, when the idea of you started to become real. We'd been talking about getting a dog for years, but work and study and the furs and is our house big enough? There was always something...

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