Compass: come home to yourself

To walk a courageous, integrated, fulfilling path,
we need a Compass.

We humans are pretty smart and we’ve solved most of the easy problems.
But where do we turn when our dilemmas aren’t Googleable?
What do we do when we meet ambiguity, loss, tension and discomfort?
How do we keep our hearts open in the face of unmet needs and unfulfilled dreams?

If you are anything like me, you might spend a lot of time trying to escape
(hello pinot noir, drama-filled relationships and over-working – you were such excellent diversions).

Eventually, we realise there is nowhere to go but in.
And this is when life gets richer, deeper and way more INTERESTING.

Compass is how we tap into our inner guidance for the dilemmas that trigger our self-doubt.
It’s for when you don’t know what you want, when you feel disconnected and separate,
when you find it difficult to advocate for yourself or to take up space,
when you find yourself unable to take action because you don’t know what to do.

Compass helps you access and cultivate core resources within you:
self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust.


Our inner-Leader helps us envision our dreams, knows we are capable and that it’s safe for us to try things out. The Sovereign is fundamentally about self-belief – how to create and value the vision you have for your life, and encourage yourself to bring your ideas into being.

When we work with Sovereign energy we get to feel fully expressed, to contribute our gfts to the world. Sovereign opens you up to the feeling of purposeful fulfilment, to a life of meaning and joy. ACES.


The Lover is the aspect of our psyche that wants to belong – to our past present and future selves, our emotions and our bodies, to the natural world and to other people. When we claim our Lover energy, we acknowledge our primal needs – to belong, to feel, to play, to be loving and loved. Lover gives our lives a sweetness.

The Lover is very much of our body – what we feel sensorily and emotionally. And because our body can only be in the moment, there is a presence about Lover energy – a focus on what is in the here and now. 


Our inner-Sage helps us question our thoughts and beliefs, and to be interested in our values, opinions and preferences, so that we can make choices that feel aligned to who we are right now. When we can step back from the dilemmas of our lives, we get to create some space for our Sage to offer us wisdom. 

Embodying Sage energy means we get to cultivate self-trust – we value our intuition and our intellect, and we practice discernment – we don’t assume everything is true, or that its true for us. We get to experience more clarity because we can see the choices we have available to us.


Our inner-Warrior is about how we advocate for our own needs, the boundaries we hold and how we take action in our lives. It is also what gives us the courage and strength to expand our territory in the world by taking up space. There is a quality of realness to Warrior – an invitation to get our hands dirty.

Claiming our Warrior energy helps us cultivate self-worth, because this is how we fulfill the vision of the Sovereign, to create a life that has meaning to us – we are taking action to prove that we matter to ourselves. 

YOU CAN Learn how to activate these resources within you!

Kind Words

What folks are saying

“It now seems startlingly clear where all my self-doubt issues have stemmed from. Brilliantly put together workbooks and reference material, and so meaty.

It all goes way way beyond anything I’ve ever done before.”


“The whole programme is so beautifully written.”


“My face leaked big time when I met my Sovereign! Thank you for bringing this into the world.”


“Thank you for tonight’s call! It was utterly beautiful. Your word-smithing powers are such a delight to the ear and I could listen to your voice for hours. Thank you for the wonderful energy you bring to this work. Be so very proud of your course. It’s beautiful and important and I’m grateful to have journeyed on these calls with you.”


“Sas, thank you so much for the work you do.  It’s such a gift to explore ourselves in this way.”


“Blimey! My first group call for Compass and I’m feeling challenged and thrilled. This is all kinds of amazing”


“I did the Sovereign visualisation this evening and wow, I hadn’t expected that at all…sobbing out of nowhere, feeling all the feels and genuinely moved and bolstered by the whole experience.”


  • Practical, creative, fun tools to bring your Soverign, Lover, Warrior and Sage into being.
  • How to use your Compass every day, to live from a sense of ‘home’ in yourself.
  • Understand why self-doubt lives in the centre of your Compass and how to work with your doubts, worries and fears.
  • The shadow nature of Soverign, Lover, Warrior and Sage.
  • The evolution of each of the Compass points.
  • How to recognise and tend to each Compass point.
  • How to know what energy you need at any given moment.
  • How each of the compass work together to support you in any situation.
  • Lifetime access to all materials.
  • Compass Coaching Calls with me, each month!


Compass is a self-paced programme with no start or end date. You’ll get access to all content as soon as you enrol.
This means you that you can make your way through the materials at your own pace and in your own way.

PLUS: Monthly Compass Coaching Calls!

Alongside the programme, we’ll meet up for a group Compass Coaching call.
I’ll be right with you to answer questions, talk more about the Compass concepts and offer coaching support to you.
You can attend as many calls as you wish and the recording of each call will be stored on our learning site.

NB: Compass Coaching Calls will take place on the first Wednesday of the Month at 11am British Time.

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Please invest with intention as no refunds will be given.

After years of constantly seeking answers and feeling so lost, finding my way home to myself has been the most meaningful journey of my life.

Learning how to create an internal compass made of self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust forms the basis of my coaching work. It’s incredibly fulfilling to have helped hundreds of people to do this for themselves.

I have an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University, and my Master’s dissertation was a deep study into self-doubt. I have also trained with the Center for Narrative Coaching, the Coaches Training Institute, and Dr Martha Beck.

Underneath all the book-smarts, runs my intuitive felt-sense of what in you, is asking for attention.

It’s my joy to help you find your way home!

Want to explore these concepts before you commit?

Uncover your Self-doubt Archetype!

"The quiz was straight-forward but the results that came back were insightful, enormously comprehensive and spookily accurate! I’ve already started to action some of the experiments to embody self-belief" - Debbie