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2015 : unexpectedly extraordinary

December 30, 2015

The good people of Instagram are sharing their highlights with #2015bestnine – highly recommended!  This year was meant to be unremarkable. It felt like quite enough to complete my dissertation and keep my coaching practice ticking along. I thought it would be a big ‘inhale’ year where I just soaked up, reflected and considered quietly in the […]

comfort & joy

December 24, 2015

At the risk of sounding like my Gran, didn’t Christmas come around quick this year? And thanks to the foresight of Jesus or Santa (whoever is in charge right now) I’ve spent the last few days mostly coughing and sneezing. The timing is oddly perfect as I’m on a two-week break from coaching clients. Plus, it’s […]

how to build a six-figure coaching biz in five easy steps!

December 14, 2015

pro tip: surround yourself with wildly competent experts. Step One: Discover coaching. Feel like you’ve come home or fallen in love or something. This is AMAZING. Step Two: Absorb everything in coach training as if human sponge. Practice with coaching pals. Dream big dreams about the power of coaching and your mission to help change the entire […]

the council of three

December 09, 2015

I spent the first evening in the first house I owned, with three ghosts. As part of the renovations a fancy schmancy sound system had been installed, but I wasn’t sure how to turn it on. So I unwrapped the eleventyseven boxes marked ‘Kitchen’ with a bedside clock-radio tuned to Radio New Zealand for company. It […]

measure twice, cut once :: for coaches

December 03, 2015

I am a huge fan of Taking a Pause. To see where I am, and get a sense of where the hell I’m going. I’ve done this for years in my journal (mostly ranting about why I wasn’t where I thought I should be). As a Corporateer, this was the only way I was able […]