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ruling over my martyrdom

September 30, 2015

yesterday at 10,000 feet above England, en route to Boston Whenever I am on a longish flight, I regularly check the flight information. I find it deeply reassuring to watch the tiny graphic aeroplane slowly progressing towards our destination on a one dimensional map of Earth. I love knowing how the rest of the day […]

calling bullshit on the hero’s saga

September 22, 2015

Since I first read the Narnia books over thirty years ago, I have believed in the Hero’s Saga. That in our lives we are all called to go on some quest, supported by the supernatural and a team of odd-ball helpers. We’ll face a series of tests before the Supreme Ordeal involving dark moments and adversity until we […]

the easiest 15 pounds I ever lost

September 15, 2015

I mentioned in my newsletter and last post, that I lost 15 pounds over the summer – without a doubt I got more emails and questions about this, than anything else! So let me tell you all about it, because how I did it feels pretty freakin’ momentous to me. Longtime readers will know that this is not my first […]

the big quiet

September 07, 2015

We were in the old port in Marseille, the sun was beginning to set and everything had that pinky hue; the air was infused with the smells of hot humans, sticky roads and beer. I was happily digging into a large helping of moules et frites when I noticed a group of people were gathered […]

*tap tap* is this thing on?

September 01, 2015

Hello! I can hardly believe its been three whole months since I last blogged, tweeted, gram’d or facebooked (these are verbs now right?). I really really missed writing here and connecting with you. It feels good to be back. Highlight Report since June: 90% awesome/10% horrible. Within a few days of switching off I felt […]