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they tried to make me go to rehab

February 23, 2014

For the last week I’ve had a persistent headache, blurred vision and a ringing in my ears, I’ve fallen over twice and my face broke out just like 1985. I thought I was developing narcolepsy I was so freakin’ knackered, and I’ve been crying at every stupid thing (hello: Budweiser puppy). Also, this weirdness where […]

tales from the coaching couch ~ how to get unstuck

February 20, 2014

In ‘Tales from the Coaching Couch’ I’m sharing ideas and coaching tools around a specific topic – the idea is to start some conscious conversations. As always, I am hoping to be useful and interesting, so I’m totally open to your suggestions for future episodes! Do email me with anything you want to see covered […]

from my heart to yours

February 13, 2014

Wow you lot are just bloody brilliant. I’ve been bowled over by the comments, notes, messages and emails – all to wave hello and offer kindness. Its felt like a tidal wave of love. My heart continues to beat to its own rhythm – after the tests from last week, the cardiologist has referred me […]

heart’s on fire

February 07, 2014

One of my earliest memories is of sitting in a giant hospital bed watching MASH with my favourite doctor. He had just brought me a strawberry milkshake and  we were having a serious discussion about the best flavours. My little four-year old self wasn’t to know it then, but that milkshake my first ‘meal’ in weeks, […]

we don't come with a 'best before' date

February 05, 2014

what my forty looks like My maternal grandmother died at 38, Mum when she was 53. And as anyone in the Motherless Daughters Club knows, ‘death ages’ become milestones to be passed with no small amount of relief. The possibility of death winking at me around the corner has made me hyper-aware of time passing […]