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from acorns

August 28, 2012

Zen Buddhists say that an oak tree is brought into creation by two concurrent forces: from the acorn, the seed full of promise and potential; and from the future tree itself, which wants to exist so badly, that it pulls the seeding forth out into the world: the tree creates the acorn from which it […]

myths, certainty and frozen yogurt

August 22, 2012

There are days when I realise a little sheepishly, that I have been fooling myself all this time. When I glimpse at the nugget at the heart of matters: I never found the answers in a lecture theatre, packed with eager philosophy students, discussing existentialism. Nor was enlightenment in the glass and steel towers of multi-national […]

a day of blessings

August 19, 2012

The scent of lavender confetti, hay baking in the summer heat, glasses clinking, the superbly funny vicar who wore shorts under his grand robes, stripy straws, fresh popcorn and candy floss, the small but perfectly formed Canuck army, the tears for absent friends. Joy. The glorious day. The unreasonable levels of happiness! What a blessing to […]

unchartered waters

August 12, 2012

Saturday was glorious and sunny; the whole city is buzzing with infectious olympicness. We spent the afternoon in a rowing boat on the lake, in the middle of Regent’s Park. Followed by a spontaneous ice-cream and a wander through the trees: it has become an annual date for us. And this year was epic. I wore […]

lessons in ripe juicy peaches and tiny white feathers

August 08, 2012

After an early start and a day that tested my patience and sanity, I left at 5pm with the intention of a pre-dinner run. At the interchange, I found myself at the beginning of what was to be a 30 minute wait between trains that are usually 5 minutes apart. My hour long commute began […]