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my inner forrest gump

April 27, 2011

So I got my run back on (woo hoo!). After a month of new job related time and energy suckage, on Saturday I went for a run. Nothing special, just my usual walk-run mash-up for the best part of an hour. Usually I am focussed on a couple of things: calories burned and minutes in […]

easter bunny is weird and creepy

April 22, 2011

The twin miracles of the murder of a Jewish carpenter, (who by all accounts was quite a nice bloke and really, the whole crucifixion thing was pretty bloody unnecessary) coupled with my adopted country’s obsession with the perpetuation of hereditary privilege (even if that means being ruled by in-bred Germans), has led to two four […]

both sides of the coin

April 19, 2011

me in mala beads, gold sparkly top, skinny jeans, brown boots I knew what I was getting into with New Job. Sort of. I knew there was a massive amount of change of technology, people, process all shifting at once like some sort of tipple-vortexed-tornado-monster-thingo. And I knew the first weeks would be a bit […]

one thousand and ninety five days later

April 16, 2011

image: McKinley-Rodgers Three years ago today I walked into a crowded wine bar in Welly to meet a slightly nerdy, funny, interesting man I had been chatting with online. He bought me a drink and we started talking and never stopped. He is the love of my life. Soon this will be legally binding and […]


April 06, 2011

Image credit: clarksworth The black cab driver has the pallid pallor and sunken sockets of the crack-addicted or chemo-theraped. In the rear-view mirror His straight square teeth are reflected; a tea-stained yellow. He contorts his mouth to better pick at the scab on his chin. Through a dozen postcodes to home. The boy is a […]

twelve weeks to go

April 02, 2011

We had so much fun hanging out with Pen & Cam around our ‘hood, I almost forgot they were busy snapping away.  And then New Job started and its been a week of crazy hours for both of us; we kind of forgot about the photos. I got Pen’s email on my way to work on […]