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digger murray's

March 27, 2011

Me, wearing my Mickey Mouse hat, in the garden of Digger Murray’s (note: already reading) It’s a simple wooden house, maybe two or three bedrooms; even in the mid-90s there was still a coal range in the kitchen and a mangle washer in the lean-to laundry. It’s a kiwi house: nothing too flash. In our […]

time-out (not on the naughty step)

March 27, 2011

Sometimes the best thing to do, is to take a new frock and and old lover to a cathedral town and spend 24 hours in a hotel. all photos by me, using ‘toaster’ filter on the Instagram app


March 25, 2011

(not me – obviously – but she is a member of the size 14 club) Dear Size 14 Jeans, Wow so its been nearly three years since we last met! When I exchanged a getting-looser pair of dark-blue denim bootlegs (my ‘go-to’ date jeans) for long chatty dinners and red wine with Science Guy. And […]

staycation: what's not to love?

March 21, 2011

Look what arrived this morning! Reworked, Upcycled and Vandalized English vintage Lord Nelson plate from Trixie Delicious. I saw the new Woody Allen movie on Friday afternoon. In a theatre with three other people. While everyone else was at work. Not his best but an enjoyable romp of failing relationships filmed in London last summer. […]

how can i miss you if you never go away?

March 16, 2011

It took me a very long time to learn how to be alone. Properly alone: without any emotional entanglements, or a friend-with-benefits in the wings; just me for an indefinite period, possibly forever (it was safest to just get a cat lest neighbourhood strays begin circling); to let go of all my comfort blankets; the […]

low-fi spring staycation: day one

March 15, 2011

Much coffee, hanging out with the furry peeps, catching up on the interwebs. Found daffodils and blossom in the park. Took myself out for lunch. Mooched around The Old Cinema. Got a pedicure. With slutty red toes. All images by me, taken with my iPhone, using Instagram app, X-Pro II filter